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Pokemon Black and White: Walkthrough
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Welcome to the Pokemon Black and White walkthrough. This guide shows you the way through the game, detailing all of the Pokemon, trainers, and items along the way.

Trio Badge
1.Nuvema Town
2.Route 1
3.Accumula Town
4.Route 2
5.Striaton City
7.Striaton City Gym
Basic Badge
8.Dreamyard Revisited
9.Striaton City Lab
10.Route 3
11.Wellspring Cave
12.Route 3 Revisited
13.Nacrene City
14.Outer Pinwheel Forest
15.Nacrene City Gym
Insect Badge
16.Pinwheel Forest
17.Skyarrow Bridge
18.Castelia City
(Optional) Liberty Garden
19.Castelia City Gym
Bolt Badge
20.Route 4
21.Desert Resort
22.Relic Castle
23.Nimbasa City
24.Nimbasa City Gym
Quake Badge
25.Route 16
26.Lostlorn Forest
27.Route 5
28.Driftveil Drawbridge
29.Driftveil City
30.Cold Storage
31.Driftveil City Gym
Jet Badge
32.Route 6
33.Chargestone Cave
34.Mistralton City
35.Route 7
36.Celestial Tower
37.Mistralton City Gym
Freeze Badge
38.Twist Mountain
(Optional) Route 17, 18, and P2 Laboratory
(Optional) Wellspring Cave Revisited
(Optional) Mistralton Cave
(Optional) Rumination Field
39.Icirrus City
40.Icirrus City Gym
Legend Badge
41.Dragonspiral Tower
42.Relic Castle Revisited
43.Route 8
44.Moor Of Icirrus
45.Route 8 Revisited
46.Tubeline Bridge
47.Route 9
48.Opelucid City
49.Opelucid City Gym
Pokemon League
50.Route 10
51.Victory Road
52.Pokemon League
53.N's Castle
54.Nuvema Town Post Game
55.Route 11
56.Village Bridge
57.Route 12
58.Lacunosa Town
59.Route 13
60.Giant Chasm
61.Undella Town
62.Undella Bay
63.Abyssal Ruins
64.Route 14
65.Abundant Shrine
66.Black City
67.White Forest
68.Route 15
69.Marvelous Bridge
70.Dreamyard Post Game
71.Relic Castle Post Game
72.Challenger's Cave
73.Royal Unova
74.Game Freak Morimoto
75.Anville Town
76.The Seven Sages
77.Cheren Rematch
78.Elite Four Rematch