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Pokemon Black and White: Walkthrough - Nimbasa City
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Professor Juniper will give you an Ultra Ball in the Route 4 passageway, followed by an explanation of why everyone was chosen for the adventure. As you enter Nimbasa City you will see some Plasma members trying to steal Pokemon from the Day-Care Man. Naturally, this leads to a battle.

Team Plasma Grunt Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Team Plasma Grunt
Watchog Pokemon Black and White SpriteWatchogLv. 18normal
Trubbish Pokemon Black and White SpriteTrubbishLv. 18poison

The grunts leave and say they are going to hide in the amusement park. The Day-Care Man gives you the Bike, one of the most useful items in the game. Select the Bike in your bag and register it so you can hop on by pressing Y. This makes it quick and easy to get on your Bike. After the Day-Care Man leaves, Bianca shows up and says she is going to see a musical. Head over to the northeast corner of the city to see Bianca standing in front of the Music Theater. She will take you inside and you will meet the owner who will give you a Prop Case. The Prop Case holds decorations for your Pokemon to wear. You are given the chance to decorate a Pokemon of your choice. Once you're finished, talk to the girl east of the front desk to get TM 49 Echoed Voice. This move gets more powerful each turn you consecutively use it.

You can participate in the Pokemon Musical if you want, but it isn't that useful or exciting. It is like the spiritual successor to the Pokemon Contest in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. You can dress up your Pokemon and press the "Appeal" button at a strategic moment to get the crowd on your side. There aren't any items that you can get other than more accessories for your Pokemon to wear. Because of this, I'm not going to delve too deep into the Pokemon Musical.

Walk outside when you're ready. You will enter a conversation with Bianca and her Dad. He insists on bringing her back home to Nuvema Town, but Bianca wants to continue with her adventure. Elesa approaches and persuades Bianca's Dad to reconsider. It plays into the classic adage, "If you hold a butterfly too tight, you might crush it." It's nice to see the Pokemon games give an attempt at emotional ties to the characters.

West of the Music Theater is the passageway to Route 16 where you can get a Macho Brace from an Infielder. East of the Music Theater is the Big Stadium. Depending on the day, you can battle a Linebacker, an Infielder, or a Striker once per day.

Linebacker Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Linebacker Dan
Darumaka Pokemon Black and White SpriteDarumakaLv. 24fire
Timburr Pokemon Black and White SpriteTimburrLv. 24fighting

Infielder Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Infielder Alex
Ducklett Pokemon Black and White SpriteDucklettLv. 25water

Striker Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Striker Tony
Pansage Pokemon Black and White SpritePansageLv. 23grass
Pansear Pokemon Black and White SpritePansearLv. 23fire
Panpour Pokemon Black and White SpritePanpourLv. 23water

East of the Big Stadium is the Small Court where you can battle either a Hoopster or a Smasher once per day.

Hoopster Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Hoopster Bobby
Whirlipede Pokemon Black and White SpriteWhirlipedeLv. 25bug

Smasher Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Smasher Elena
Blitzle Pokemon Black and White SpriteBlitzleLv. 25electric

Head to the southwest corner of Nimbasa City if you need to heal your Pokemon. The building west of the Pokemon Center can't be used until after you beat the game, so don't bother entering it for now. Enter the building northwest of the Pokemon Center and talk to the blue-haired guy on the first floor to get HM 04 Strength. Strength allows you to moves large boulders, but not until you get the Bolt Badge from Elesa. Upstairs in this building is an old lady that will give you a Soothe Bell if the Pokemon in the first slot of your party has high happiness. A Pokemon that holds the Soothe Bell will gain happiness faster than normal.

The building directly north of the Pokemon Center has a blue-haired guy upstairs that will give you a Sun Stone. You can use that to evolve a Cottonee or Petilil if you caught on ein Pinwheel Forest.

The building east of the Pokemon Center is the Battle Subway. As you try to enter, a blue-haired girl will give you the Vs Recorder. The Vs Recorder keeps records of the Battle Subway and can save recordings of Pokemon battles. There are a lot of trains down here. When you ride one, you will battle trainers in succession in order to earn Battle Points (BP). You can use BP to buy things like TMs and other rare items. Unfortunately, not all of the trains can be ridden your first time in Nimbasa so make sure to come back here later on.

Walk east from the Battle Subway to enter the Amusement Park. Keep walking east to find N. He leads you to the ferris wheel. You both ride and he divulges some details about Team Plasma. Some grunts show up. He wants to battle you to let his grunts flee.

N Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Sandile Pokemon Black and White SpriteSandileLv. 22ground
Darumaka Pokemon Black and White SpriteDarumakaLv. 22fire
Scraggy Pokemon Black and White SpriteScraggyLv. 22dark
Sigilyph Pokemon Black and White SpriteSigilyphLv. 22psychic

You can walk south after the battle to find an X Attack by the bench. Now you can enter the Nimbasa City Gym west of the ferris wheel to battle Elesa for the Bolt Badge.

Items in Nimbasa City:
Ultra BallUltra BallReceived from Professor Juniper between Route 4 and Nimbasa City.
BicycleBicycleReceived from the Day-Care Man at the city entrance.
Prop CaseProp CaseReceived from the owner of the Music Theater.
TM 49<br />(Echoed Voice)TM 49
(Echoed Voice)
Received from a woman in the Music Theater.
HM 04<br />(Strength)HM 04
Received from the blue-haired guy in the house northwest of the Pokemon Center.
Soothe BellSoothe BellReceived from an old lady on the second floor of the building northwest of the Pokemon Center.
Sun StoneSun StoneReceived from a man in the building north of the Pokemon Center.
Vs RecorderVs RecorderReceived from a girl when you enter the Battle Subway.
X AttackX AttackSouth of the ferris wheel.
Macho BraceMacho BraceReceived from a baseball player in the passageway to Route 16.

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