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Pokemon Black and White: Walkthrough - Lostlorn Forest
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Walk north to the tree stump to find a Big Mushroom. Keep walking north and you'll run into a backpacker that says there is a woman who prefers to be alone in the camper. If you have brought an event Shiny Raikou, Entei, or Suicune over from a Generation IV game with the Relocator, she will show her true form as you try to enter the camper. She is actually a Zoroark that you can catch.

Special Pokemon in Lostlorn Forest:
Zoroark Pokemon Black and White SpriteZoroark
(Bring an event Shiny Raikou, Entei, or Suicune to the camper.)
Lv. 25dark

Beyond that, there really isn't anything to do here until you get the HMs for Surf and Waterfall. Go back to Nimbasa City and take the northwestern exit to Route 5.

Wild Pokemon in Lostlorn Forest:
Swadloon Pokemon Black and White SpriteSwadloonLv. 19-22bug
Tranquill Pokemon Black and White SpriteTranquillLv. 21-22normal
Venipede Pokemon Black and White SpriteVenipedeLv. 20-21bug
Cottonee Pokemon Black and White SpriteCottonee (Black Only)Lv. 19-22grass
Petilil Pokemon Black and White SpritePetilil (White Only)Lv. 19-22grass
Audino Pokemon Black and White SpriteAudino (Shaking)Lv. 19-21normal
Emolga Pokemon Black and White SpriteEmolga (Shaking)Lv. 20electric
Leavanny Pokemon Black and White SpriteLeavanny (Shaking)Lv. 22bug
Whimsicott Pokemon Black and White SpriteWhimsicott (Shaking) (Black Only)Lv. 22grass
Lilligant Pokemon Black and White SpriteLilligant (Shaking) (White Only)Lv. 22grass

Items in Lostlorn Forest:
Big MushroomBig MushroomNorth of the entrance in the tree stump.

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