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Pokemon Black and White: Walkthrough - Driftveil City
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Go west past the statue and over the bridge until you run into Cheren and Clay, the gym leader of Driftveil. He says that the Team Plasma members he had caught escaped as he was lowering the bridge for you. You need to catch them before you can battle for his badge.

After Cheren is done talking, you can enter the western house and talk to the blue-haired guy to teach a starter Pokemon a special move. He will teach Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge. If you use two of the moves together in a double or triple battle, there is a special effect that happens. Other than that the move isn't very useful. It only has 50 Power and your starter most likely has a more powerful move already.

Go to the northeast house and talk to the old man. If you have seen more than 50 Pokemon, he will give you a Shell Bell. A Shell Bell will heal 1/8 of the damage a Pokemon deals at the end of a turn. It is a very good item to use throughout the game. There is also a Youngster in the house that will trade his Basculin for your Minccino. It may not seem like a worthwhile trade, but he actually gives you the form of Basculin that you can't catch in your game. In Black you will receive the Red-Striped form, and in White you will receive the Blue-Striped form.

West of the four houses is the Driftveil City Market. If you talk to the guy in sunglasses with a Pokemon at level 30 or higher, he will give you the Expert Belt. It increases the power of super-effective moves by 20%. You can buy some items here, but nothing too spectacular. The girl in the northwestern corner is selling Moomoo Milk. It heals 100 HP so it isn't a bad deal. If you enter the Market from the west side's hidden entrance, you can find a Big Pearl. It can be sold for $3750 at a Poke Mart.

West of the Market is a Motorcyclist that will teach you about Rotation Battles. His name is Charles...he's a heartbreaker. After his brief explanation, you can have a Rotation Battle with him. The only difference with a Rotation Battle is the fact that three of your Pokemon are out at once but only one is active. Also, you can choose to rotate a different Pokemon in front while choosing an attack. You can attack the same turn with the Pokemon you switch into.

Motorcyclist Pokemon Black and White Sprite
Motorcyclist Charles
(He's a heartbreaker)
Krokorok Pokemon Black and White SpriteKrokorokLv. 27ground
Zebstrika Pokemon Black and White SpriteZebstrikaLv. 27electric
Basculin Pokemon Black and White SpriteBasculinLv. 27water

Northeast of the Market is the Pokemon Center. If you talk to the girl upstairs, she will give you three Repeat Balls. A Repeat Ball is three times more likely to catch a Pokemon if you have already caught one of the same species before.

You can get a Heart Scale once per day in the house west of the Pokemon Center if you show the lady a Pokemon with the move she requests. She will ask for a different move every day. Northwest of this house is an opening in the trees where you can find an Ultra Ball.

That's all there is to do in Driftveil for now, so head south to the Cold Storage.

Items in Driftveil City:
Shell BellShell BellReceived from the old man in the northwestern house if you have seen 50 or more Pokemon.
Expert BeltExpert BeltReceived from the guy in sunglasses in the Market if you have a Pokemon level 30 or over.
Big PearlBig PearlIn the Market when you enter from the hidden west side entrance.
Repeat BallRepeat BallReceived from the girl upstairs in the Pokemon Center.
Heart ScaleHeart ScaleReceived from the old man in the northwestern house if you have seen 50 or more Pokemon.
Ultra BallUltra BallNorthwest corner of the city in a pathway through the trees.

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