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Ruby and Sapphire:
The New Ruby Box!    The New Sapphire Box!
Ruby and Sapphire Guide
Ruby Walkthrough ~ A very in depth walkthrough of the Ruby game.
Review ~ A general review of this game.
Screenshots ~ Here are Some screenshots from the game.
The Characters ~ Want to know who you can be in the new games? Well check them out here.
The Teams ~ Descriptions of Team Aqua and Team Magma.
Secret Base ~ Info on this R/S only special feature.
Poké Balls ~ A listing of the new Poke Balls and what they do.
Characteristics ~ A listing of all Pokemon and their characteristics.
Contest Guide ~ A complete guide of what contests are, how to win, and great combos!
Differences ~ A listing of Pokemon only catchable in Ruby, and only catchable in Sapphire
Uncatchable Pokemon ~ A listing of all Pokemon you cannot catch in Ruby or Sapphire.
Mirage Island ~ A Guide to get to the elusive Island. It takes a lot of work!.
Natures ~ Adamant increases Attack and decreases Special Attack. Whatever nature you Pokemon has, you can find out what it means here.
Egg Groups ~ Here you will find what Pokemon can breed with what Pokemon. You will also find who can't breed/don't have a gender.
Elite Four Guide ~ This guide shows what each Elite Four member uses as Pokemon, and eve what the Pokemon know as attacks. I even suggest what types to use if you need it.