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Ruby And Sapphire: Review
This game definatly stands up for the Pokemon name! Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire have many improvements to the previous games. For one thing, the graphics for these games are great compared to all other Pokemon games. To prove this, once you start the game, you automaticlly see the great graphics of the houses, the people, as well as the surroundings.

Another big improvement is the modified battle screens. Once you start a battle the terrain you were walking on marquees across the screen. Then when you throw your pokeball the screen fills up with a wonderful lighting effect. Modified battle scenes (very nice)
New battle menu item: BATSUGU? (Japanese)
Changed look for Pokemon Center, Mart.
Realistic fog in the caves.
Weather Effects (Extremely Advanced)
New Pokemon Characteristics (like TCG Pokemon Power)
Secret Base
Team Aqua and Magma