Little Root Town
After choosing your name and gender etc. you end up in the back of a moving truck. It comes to a stop and then you go outside, your Mom greets you and takes you into your new house, where Machoke are helping move all of your stuff. Then you have to go up-stairs to set the clock. Your Mom then comes up-stairs, talks to you, then goes back down. After she goes down, go downstairs and she will call you over to the TV. You watch the TV then you are let to go out to the world. If you try to leave Mishiro Town just yet, then you will be stopped by a young boy. So you have to go into your rivals house (across from yours) and their Mom will talk to you. After talking with her, go upstairs and your rival will be doing homework. Talk to him/her and they will run off. Then after, go to where the boy would usually stop you, but now you can pass through.

After you go through there, you will find Professor Odamaki being chased by a wild Pochena! You will have to go to his tote bag and press A. Then a screen will come up and you will have to choose one of three Pokemon...Torchic, Mudkip, or Treecko. Choose wisely, because the Pokemon you choose will be your new starter Pokemon. After you choose what Pokemon you want, you with battle against the Pochena that is chasing Prof. Odamaki. Once you win (or get down to 3 HP) he will take you back to his lab then he will talk to you then you are free to start your journey!

Route 101
Here you can find...
Zigzagoon 50%
Kemusso 35%
Poochyena 15%

Oldale Town
Here you can find two houses, a Pokemon Center, and a PokeMart. There isn't any big things to do here, just heal your Pokemon and purchase items. Once you are here you will want to go further up to Route 103, mostly because you cant go to Route 102 yet.

Route 103
Here you can find...
Zigzagoon 45%
Poochyena 40%
Wingull 15%

And here you will probably want to train a little to get your Pokemon to Level 8. After that you will go up to the top of Route 103 and your Rival will be there. Once you talk to him/her you will battle against their Starting Pokemon (the one that your Pokemon has a weakness to).

After that go to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon. Then when you try to walk back to Mishiro Town, your Rival will talk then go back to Odamaki's Lab. Go back there too and Odamaki will give you a PokeDex. After that you can go on with your journey, but first your Mom gives you a pair of running shoes. Now that that is all through, you can buy Poke Balls now!

Route 102
Here you can find...
Zigzagoon 35%
Taneboo 20%
Poochyena 20%
Wurmple 15%
Ralts 10%

Here there are three houses, Pokemon Center, Poke Mart, and the first gym. You can not fight in the first Gym yet, but you have to talk to the leader before you can proceed to the next town. While talking to the leader, another person walks in and takes you outside and he shows you how to catch a Pokemon (rarutso)...after that you get tookin back to the Gym and you talk to the leader then you can go outside and proceed to Route 104

Route 104
Here you can find...
Zigzagoon 50%
Wurmple 40%
Taillow 5%
Wingull 5%

Petal Burg Forest
Here you can find...
Wurmple 30%
Zigzagoon 20%
Shroomish 20%
Cascoon 10%
Slakoth 10%
Taillow 5%
Silcoon 5%

Here you will find a red-headed paranoid man, he is paranoid because Team Magma is after him! So you have to fight the Team Magma member (he has a Lvl 9 Pochena). After beating him, he flees upwords towards Kanazumi City. The man then thanks you and runs off to Kanazumi also. You will meet up with him later.

RustBoro Town
RustBoro is the first Town that has many buildings, it also has a Gym, PokeCenter, and PokeMart. Before you do anything in this town, you should walk towards the South Western (down-left) part of the town and enter the house, the you will get HM01: Cut. Then go to the gym where you will battle Tsutsuji, who is a rock type trainer that has 2 Pokemon for you to fight. Once you defeat her you will recivethe Stone Badge. After getting the Stone Badge, walk up and take the first right.You will find the man from Touka Forest and then the Team Magma member that you fought before will run off.

Route 116
Here you can find...
Taillow 50%
Wishur 20%
Nincada 20%
Zigzagoon 10%

Head right until you get to a foggy cave. Once inside you will find the Team Magma member with the trainers Windgull! You must battle the Team Magma member. Once you defeat him, the trainer will come to claim his Windgull. After that, he flashes you over to the Mayors office. You breifly speak to the Mayor, then he gives you the "Pokémon Navigator" system (smilar to PokeGear from Gold and Silver, but better features). After checking out your new gear, you have to back track to Route 104 and go left to where the dock is. Go inside the house and talk to the old man, since you saved his Windgull he will take you to the next town. Choose the second option once your outside and he will give you a ride to Dewford Town.

Dewford Town
Once you get here talk to the man outside the Pokemon Center, he will give you a fishing rod. Now that you have the Fishing Rod you should go to the gym to battle Touki. Once defeat him you will recive the Knuckle badge.After getting your badge, head towards the North West where you find a cave. As soon as you enter there will be a man that will give you HM05: Flash. Go through the cave until you reach a man that will give you TM 49. Now get your way out of the cave and return to the elderly man in the boat. Choose the second option and he will take you to the next town.

In this city there is a very large Market Place that has many shops. I has a small resemblence to the Underground Tunnel in Golden City. On the East (right) side of the town, there is a building with a few boats around it. Make sure you have $50 so you can pay the fee to enter. Go inside and talk with one of the Team Magma members and he will give you TM 46