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Pokemon Yellow Guide
Review ~ Wan't pokemon Yellow and wan't to know if it is just like RB? Come on in.
Cheats/Codes/Tips ~ No Gameshark needed for these cheats.
Gameshark Codes ~ Wan't a Surfing Pikachu Game? o^_^o
Battle Chart ~ Need to Beat that tough Gym Leader? Then this section is a must.
Screenshots ~ Wanna see some stills of Yellow, well, umm, come here...
TM's & HM's ~ Need to know what TM 47 is, come on in. Also tells you what they do ;)
Gym Leaders ~ Tells the names of the Gym Leaders, and what their Pokemon are.
Item Listing ~ A listing of all items in Pokemon Yellow.
PokeDex ~ A list, and stats, of all 1-151 Pokemon.
Pokemon Locations ~ Do you need to know where to find Tangela? look here!
Shopping List ~ What items to fin, and where to find them.