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Yellow: Review
Welcome to the Pokémon Yellow Review! I will now review the game of Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon Yellow is a quest inthe land of Kanto, Where Ash Ketchum's starting Pokémon is a Pikachu. You must become a Pokémon master and defeat the Elite Four! Basiclly, this is a game that is the game and the Animé combined.

It is like the Animé because you now start with Pikachu. And Gary starts with Eevee (Gary doesn't start with Eevee in the Animé, but he does eventually get one).

Some new features in Yellow are that Pikachu actually follows you. Which I think is good for a Game Boy Game. And you have to make Pikachu happy to do certain things, like receive certain Pokémon 0,o

Well this is a souped up RB Game, so try it out some time

P.S. There is a certain game that is a nifty surfing game. It is sooo Fun and sooo Adicting