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Pokemon X and Y Pokedex: Florges
This is the X and Y Pokedex page for Florges, a Fairy-type Pokemon.

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#671 Florges
Florges Pokemon X and Y
National#: 671
Type: fairy

What moves does Florges learn?

Level Name Type Power Accuracy Style
-Disarming Voicefairy40--special
-Petal Dancegrass90100special
-Petal Blizzardgrass90100physical
-Misty Terrainfairy----status
-Grassy Terraingrass----status
-Grass Knotgrass?100special
-Flower Shieldfairy----status
-Magical Leafgrass60-special
-Lucky Chantnormal--status

What HMs can Florges learn?

HM # Name Type Power Accuracy Style
Florges is not compatible with any HMs

What TMs can Florges learn?

TM # Name Type Power Accuracy Style
TM 04Calm Mindpsychic--status
TM 06Toxicpoison-90%status
TM 10Hidden Powernormal?100%special
TM 11Sunny Dayfire--status
TM 15Hyper Beamnormal15090%special
TM 16Light Screenpsychic--status
TM 17Protectnormal--status
TM 18Rain Dancewater--status
TM 20Safeguardnormal--status
TM 21Frustrationnormal?100%physical
TM 22Solarbeamgrass120100%special
TM 27Returnnormal?100%physical
TM 29Psychicpsychic90100%special
TM 32Double Teamnormal--status
TM 42Facadenormal70100%physical
TM 44Restpsychic--status
TM 45Attractnormal-100%status
TM 48Roundnormal60100%special
TM 49Echoed Voicenormal40100%special
TM 53Energy Ballgrass80100%special
TM 68Giga Impactnormal15090%physical
TM 70Flashnormal-100%status
TM 86Grass Knotgrass?100%special
TM 87Swaggernormal-90%status
TM 88Sleep Talknormal--status
TM 90Substitutenormal--status
TM 96Nature Powernormal--status
TM 99Dazzling Gleamfairy80100special
TM 100Confidenormal--status

When does Florges evolve?

FlabebeLevel 19FloetteShiny StoneFlorges

What is Florges's weakness and resistance?


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