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Gold and Silver:
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Gold and Silver Guide
Review ~ Wan't to buy it? Not sure if it is the Pokemon game for you, then go to the Review.
Cheats/Codes/Tips ~ Here are many Cheats Tips etc. that don't need a Gameshark.
GameShark Codes ~ These are your basic Gameshark codes
TM's and HM's ~ TM and HM listing and what they do.
Screen Shots ~ Screenshots of this wonderful game.
Breeding Lists ~ List of who can breed with each other.
Attack List ~ List of all the attacks and explains what they do.
Pokemon Locations ~ List of all the Pokemon And were to find them.
Item Locations and Descriptions ~ List of all Items, were to find them, and what they do.
Johto Shopping List ~ List of all Johto PokéMart Items.
Kanto Shopping List ~ List of all Kanto PokéMart Items.
Johto Gym Leaders ~ List of all Johto Gym Leaders and their Pokemon.
Kanto Gym Leaders ~ List of all Kanto Gym Leaders and their Pokemon.
The Elite Four ~ Lists all Elite Four and their Pokemon.
Daily Events ~ Lists all special people, where to find them, and most importantly when to find them.
Pokemon Stats ~ All of the Pokemon Stats...Defense Attck etc.
About Shining Pokemon ~ An explenation about shining Pokemon, the odds of catching them, and how to get a shining Ditto!