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Heart Gold and Soul Silver:
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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver. The games are set in the Johto region and feature the Johto Pokemon while introducing the newest game elements from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver PokeDex - A complete list of all Pokemon and in-depth information: moves learned, TM and HM compatibility, etc.
Mobile PokeDex - The Pokedex targeted towards people using phones and other mobile devices.
Heart Gold and Soul Silver Walkthrough - A full walkthrough detailing items and trainers.

Trainer Battles:
Gym Leaders - A guide to the Johto and Kanto Gym Leaders.
Gym Leaders Rematch - How to battle the Gym Leaders for a second time.
Elite Four - A guide to the Elite Four.
Elite Four Rematch - A guide to the revamped Elite Four after you win all 16 badges.
Rival Battles - A list of where you battle your Rival throughout the adventure.
PKMN Trainer Red - Where to find the most difficult trainer in the game. It's the ultimate test.

Legendary Pokemon - How and where to find all the legendary Pokemon.
In-Game Trades - List of all trades you can do with in-game characters.
Gift Pokemon - A list of all the Pokemon given to you.
Game World Pokemon - List of all non-legendary Pokemon you find in the overworld, instead of through random battles.

Battle Frontier:
Battle Arcade - Battle with effects chosen by roulette.
Battle Castle - Keep your streak in a castle and earn Castle Points.
Battle Factory - Rent out Pokemon and keep a streak.
Battle Hall - One on one battles.
Battle Tower - Battling up the ranks with no extra frills.
Battle Shops - A list of items you can buy with Battle Points.

Side Quests:
Bill's Grandfather - A list of Pokemon you show Bill's grandfather in order to get the evolutionary stones.
Daily Events - A list of the daily events you can participate in.
Day of the Week Siblings - Where to find the day of the week siblings and what you can get from them.
RageCandyBar - What is the deal with all these RageCandyBars?
Miltank's Oran Berries - How to heal the sick Miltank and what you get for it.
Ruins of Alph - All of the unlockable mysteries of the ruins.
Bug Catching Contest - What you can win and how to do it.

General Game Info:
TM HM List - A list of all TMs and HMs.
Type Chart - A table displaying each Pokemon type's weakness and resistance.
Move Tutors - Where to find the Move Tutors and what moves they teach.
Lottery - A quick rundown of the Goldenrod City lottery.
Swarms - A list of the Pokemon that swarm and where to find them.
Apricorns - An explanation of what Apricorns are and what to do with them.
Mom's Savings - How to save money and the worthwhile items your Mom will buy.
Rotom Forms - Where to change forms and information on the different forms.
Version Exclusives - The version exclusive Pokemon.
Commemorative Photos - The quick and skinny on these pointless photos.
PokeAthlon - Win Stadium-style mini-games to earn medals and Athlete Points.
Natures - List of natures and how they change a Pokemon's stats.

PokeWalker - A pedometer that increases your Pokemon's level and happiness.
PokeWalker Exclusives - A list of Pokemon you can only catch with the PokeWalker.

Basic Breeding Guide - The very basics of breeding.
Egg Groups - A list of Pokemon breeding compatibility.

EV Guide - An explanation of EVs and how to use them to your advantage.
Effort Ribbon - What the Effort Ribbon is and how to get it.

Cheat Codes:
Action Replay Cheat Codes - If the game is too hard for you, why not cheat?

Screenshots - A collection of screenshots in the game showing off new game mechanics, features, and redone areas.