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Yellow: Codes
How to get infinite Rare Candies
1:Start a new game and get all Rare Candies.
3:go back to Pokemon Stadium and put in all your pokemon in the storage.
5:Start another new game
7:Go back to Pokemon Stadium
8:get back your pokemon out of the storages
9:Repeat this over and over and over

No Silph Scope???
When I got to Lavender town I first went into the building where Mr. Fuji is being held. I didn't have the silph scope at that time. So as I went through the building all the ghosts I encountered I didn't have to fight because my pokemon were to scared and I couldn't identify the ghosts. So as I got to the ghost of the marowaks mom I couldn't attack it!!! So I used a pokedoll. It let me out of battle, Marowaks moms spirit was at rest and I got to go to Mr. Fuji without a fight and without having to get the silph scope.

How to get ALL Moon Stones
There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not.
1) In the upper-lefthand corner of the first floor of Mt. Moon.
2) In the basement of the game corner.
3) In the bottom-right corner of Route 2 (CUT).
4) In Mt. Moon, before the supernerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide, go to the end of it and press A and poof! you have a Moon Stone.
5) In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the right-hand side near the entrance hit A and it will say you found a Moon Stone.