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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Victory Road
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Victory Road is one of the toughest stretches of the game, so prepare accordingly. Make sure to stock up on Hyper Potions, Full Heals, and Ultra/Dusk balls if you plan on catching any Pokemon. Also, bring Pokemon that know each of the HM moves. Surf and Strength are needed to progress through Victory Road, while Waterfall and Rock Smash lead to useful items.

An Ace Trainer blocks the path to Victory Road. As long as you have all eight badges, he will battle you as a test.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Robbie
Carbink Pokemon XY SpriteCarbinkLv. 56rock
Raichu Pokemon XY SpriteRaichuLv. 56electric
Kingdra Pokemon XY SpriteKingdraLv. 57water

Walk past Robbie to the big door. It will unlock, letting you enter Victory Road proper. Continue north to enter the cave and battle another Ace Trainer.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Alanza
Weavile Pokemon XY SpriteWeavileLv. 60dark

Surf across the water to the west and walk north to find another battle.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Bence
Steelix Pokemon XY SpriteSteelixLv. 56steel
Electrode Pokemon XY SpriteElectrodeLv. 56electric
Kangaskhan Pokemon XY SpriteKangaskhanLv. 57normal

Walk up the stairs west of Bence to battle a patrolling Black Belt.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Markus
Machamp Pokemon XY SpriteMachampLv. 60fighting

There's a small lake to the south. You can't Surf on it but you can walk around the perimeter, where you'll find a Battle Girl and a Dusk Ball.

Battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Battle Girl Veronique
Hawlucha Pokemon XY SpriteHawluchaLv. 57fighting
Mienshao Pokemon XY SpriteMienshaoLv. 58fighting

Go back to Black Belt Markus and use the cave exit to the west.

This area just has a Backpacker. Battle him and enter the cave to the north.

Backpacker Pokemon XY Sprite
Backpacker Farid
Haxorus Pokemon XY SpriteHaxorusLv. 58dragon

A Battle Girl is patrolling around.

battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
battle Girl Sigrid
Medicham Pokemon XY SpriteMedichamLv. 60fighting

There are some rock pillars to hop across to the north. There are two end points to the pillars, but one leads to a ledge you can't jump over, so go to the northwest end. You should see a big boulder and a Black Belt patrolling to the north.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Ander
Pangoro Pokemon XY SpritePangoroLv. 57fighting
Heracross Pokemon XY SpriteHeracrossLv. 58bug

There's a Carbos further north from Ander. Go back to the big boulder and look south to find a smashable rock blocking a small hill. Smash the rock and walk down the hill to be on the ground level of the rock pillars. Walk through the pillars to the east side of the room. You'll now be on the other side of the ledge from earlier. This lets you access an exit in the southeast corner of the room. Take the path to find TM 03 Psyshock.

Back in the room with the rock pillars, find the big boulder again. You can't push it from this side, so walk up the stairs to the south and follow the path to a Psychic.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic William
Espeon Pokemon XY SpriteEspeonLv. 58psychic

Walking past Psychic William puts you on the other side of the boulder. Push it west and follow the path up the big set of stairs to encounter a duo.

Brains and Brawn Pokemon XY Sprite
Brains and Brawn Arman and Hugo
Medicham Pokemon XY SpriteMedichamLv. 58fighting
Gallade Pokemon XY SpriteGalladeLv. 60psychic

Walk east to the bridge. Before crossing it, notice the narrow path northwest. It leads to a dead end outside with a Rare Candy. Cross the bridge and follow the path east outside.

Continue east to a Fairy Tale Girl

Fairy Tale Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Fairy Tale Girl Corrine
Azumarill Pokemon XY SpriteAzumarillLv. 56water
Florges Pokemon XY SpriteFlorgesLv. 56fairy

The boulder south of Corrine can be pushed with Strength. The path that opens up is a shortcut back to the beginning of Victory Road. Don't bother backtracking to a town to heal because a trainer will you heal your Pokemon very soon. The wall by Corinne can be smashed, which leads to a PP Up. Continue north to battle a Hex Maniac.

Hex Maniac Pokemon XY Sprite
Hex Maniac Raziah
Gourgeist Pokemon XY SpriteGourgeistLv. 58ghost

The Pokemon Ranger to the east heals your Pokemon. There's a Quick Ball to the northeast in the ruin. Make sure you use the Pokemon Ranger's healing services because walking south of the ruin will start a battle with your rival.

Rival Pokemon XY Sprite
Meowstic Pokemon XY SpriteMeowsticLv. 57psychic
Altaria Pokemon XY SpriteAltariaLv. 58dragon
Absol Pokemon XY SpriteAbsolLv. 59dark
Chesnaught Pokemon XY SpriteChesnaughtLv. 61grass
(Froakie Starter)
Vaporeon Pokemon XY SpriteVaporeonLv. 57water(Froakie Starter)
Delphox Pokemon XY SpriteDelphoxLv. 61fire
(Chespin Starter)
Jolteon Pokemon XY SpriteJolteonLv. 57electric(Chespin Starter)
Greninja Pokemon XY SpriteGreninjaLv. 61water
(Fennekin Starter)
Flareon Pokemon XY SpriteFlareonLv. 57fire(Fennekin Starter)

Your rival gives some Max Revives after the battle. You can use Rock Smash on another weak wall nearby to find a Zinc. Use the cave entrance in the southeast corner of the area.

Continue east up the stairs to battle a Pokemon Ranger.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Peta
Slowbro Pokemon XY SpriteSlowbroLv. 57water
Altaria Pokemon XY SpriteAltariaLv. 57dragon

There are two ledges south of Pokemon Ranger Petra. Ignore the left ledge, as it leads back to the beginning of the area. The right ledge, however, has a few paths to follow. If you go down all the way, it will eventually lead back outside to a Max Elixir. Taking the path leading east through the ledges will lead you up a set of stairs. There are two trainers and some items accessible here: go south to a Pokemon Ranger near a Full Restore, and go north to a Veteran leading to a Dragon Fang back in the ledge maze.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Ralf
Crobat Pokemon XY SpriteCrobatLv. 59poison

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Inga
Talonflame Pokemon XY SpriteTalonflameLv. femalefire

Take the second set of stairs east to another Veteran.

Veteran Pokemon XY Sprite
Veteran Gerard
Banette Pokemon XY SpriteBanetteLv. 57ghost
Leafeon Pokemon XY SpriteLeafeonLv. 57grass

The boulder south of Veteran Gerard creates a shortcut back outside, but it doesn't lead to anything new. Use the nearby exit outside.

Walk south to battle an Artist and an Ace Trainer.

Artist Pokemon XY Sprite
Artist Vincent
Smeargle Pokemon XY SpriteSmeargleLv. 58normal

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Michele
Magcargo Pokemon XY SpriteMagcargoLv. 57fire
Scizor Pokemon XY SpriteScizorLv. 58bug

Follow the path around to the small lake and use Surf. The waterfall leads to a Hiker and TM 02 Dragon Claw, which is a damaging Dragon-type attack.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Corwin
Torkoal Pokemon XY SpriteTorkoalLv. 56fire
Golem Pokemon XY SpriteGolemLv. 56rock

Enter the cave bordered by torches.

This is the last stretch of Victory Road. Make sure your Pokemon are in good shape and then battle the group of trainers.

Veteran Pokemon XY Sprite
Veteran Timeo
Trevenant Pokemon XY SpriteTrevenantLv. 57ghost
Gigalith Pokemon XY SpriteGigalithLv. 59rock

Veteran Pokemon XY Sprite
Veteran Catrina
Glaceon Pokemon XY SpriteGlaceonLv. 57ice
Snorlax Pokemon XY SpriteSnorlaxLv. 59normal

Veteran Pokemon XY Sprite
Veteran Gilles
Skarmory Pokemon XY SpriteSkarmoryLv. 55steel
Umbreon Pokemon XY SpriteUmbreonLv. 55dark
Alakazam Pokemon XY SpriteAlakazamLv. 57psychic

Walk north to enter the Pokemon League, where you'll be facing your toughest challenge yet.

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