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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Vaniville Town
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When you first start the game, you get to choose your language. You can't change the language during the game, so choose wisely. Professor Sycamore briefly explains the world and asks for your gender, general appearance, and name.

A Fletchling wakes you up in your room. Walk over to the mirror and interact with it by pressing A. This changes your character into his or her clothes so you can start your adventure. Go downstairs where your Mom will tell you to go outside and meet your neighbors.

Shauna and your rival are waiting outside. They are a few of the people you'll be bumping into throughout your adventure. They head off to the next town and invite you to follow. As a reminder, holding B as you walk makes your character run. There isn't anything terribly important in Vaniville Town, so make your way north to Aquacorde Town.

Walkthrough Index Aquacorde Town ->