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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Terminus Cave
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In total, there are three entrances to Terminus Cave from Route 18. Make sure to bring a Pokemon with Rock Smash to fully explore the cave.

Upper West Entrance:
The first room has nothing spectacular inside, so walk northeast to the stairs.

The path forks to the south and east. The east path leads to a narrow bridge with a Star Piece on the other side. The path leading south forces you to hop down two ledges. Follow the path to cross another bridge and find a Worker.

Worker Pokemon XY Sprite
Worker Narek
Graveler Pokemon XY SpriteGravelerLv. 46rock
Graveler Pokemon XY SpriteGravelerLv. 47rock
Golem Pokemon XY SpriteGolemLv. 48rock

Continue south of Worker Narek to find another fork in the road. The path south leads to a dead end with a Heat Rock, which extends the duration of Sunny Day. The path east leads to a Hiker patrolling the third bridge.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Aaron
Rhydon Pokemon XY SpriteRhydonLv. 50ground

Continue past the bridge and down to the lower level. Walk south down another set of ledges to find an Escape Rope and a Hiker.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Bergin
Boldore Pokemon XY SpriteBoldoreLv. 48rock
Steelix Pokemon XY SpriteSteelixLv. 48steel

Walk west from the Hiker to a set of three ledges, which puts you back to where you found the Heat Rock earlier. Go back below the third bridge with Hiker Aaron and head north to battle a Worker.

Worker Pokemon XY Sprite
Worker Dimitri
Octillery Pokemon XY SpriteOctilleryLv. 50water

There's a rock to the north that can be smashed, which leads to a hidden Moon Stone. Take the nearby stairs down one level.

A Battle Girl is waiting by the bottom of the stairs.

Battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Battle Girl Andrea
Throh Pokemon XY SpriteThrohLv. 49fighting
Conkeldurr Pokemon XY SpriteConkeldurrLv. 50fighting

There's a maze-like formation on the west side of this room that leads to a Dusk Stone. Continue north from Battle Girl Andrea to find a Black Belt blocking the path further north.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Gunnar
Toxicroak Pokemon XY SpriteToxicroakLv. 49poison
Sawk Pokemon XY SpriteSawkLv. 50fighting

The winding path north leads to an X Attack. Walk east from Black Belt Gunnar to find another Black Belt.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Ricardo
Hariyama Pokemon XY SpriteHariyamaLv. 52fighting

The elevated platform north of Ricardo can be accessed to the east. On top, a Battle Girl is waiting past some smashable rocks.

Battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Battle Girl Hailey
Medicham Pokemon XY SpriteMedichamLv. 48fighting
Hawlucha Pokemon XY SpriteHawluchaLv. 51fighting

Slide down the hill closest to Battle Girl Hailey and go north to find an Elixir. There's also a Full Heal in the dead end on the east side of this room. Go back to Black Belt Ricardo and travel south to find TM 30 Shadow Ball by a filled mine cart. Shadow Ball is a Dark-type move that has a chance of lowering the target's Defense. There's also a set of Pokemon Rangers waiting to fight.

Pokemon Rangers Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Rangers Fern and Lee
Nidoking Pokemon XY SpriteNidokingLv. 51poison
Nidoqueen Pokemon XY SpriteNidoqueenLv. 51poison

There's yet another fork in the road south of the rangers. Going west leads to an Iron Plate near the start of the room and east leads to a set of stairs.

There's a Worker to the north.

Worker Pokemon XY Sprite
Worker Yusif
Probopass Pokemon XY SpriteProbopassLv. 50rock

A Reaper Cloth is on the east side of the room. The purple-haired guy is blocking the doorway in the northwest corner. You won't be able to enter until you beat the Elite Four, which will happen fairly soon so keep this in mind. That's everything in this part of the cave.

Upper East Entrance:
Here you can find TM 31 Brick Break, which removes the effects of Light Screen and Reflect.

Lower West Entrance:
The last part of the cave has a Dragon Scale, which evolves a Seadra into Kingdra when holding it during a trade.

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