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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Snowbelle City Gym
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This gym specializes in Ice-type Pokemon. Bring some Full Heals or Ice Heals on the off chance your Pokemon get Frozen. All of the Pokemon used in this gym other than Cloyster are weak to Fire-type moves. Start by battling the trainer on the pink platform.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Imelda
Sneasel Pokemon XY SpriteSneaselLv. 54dark
Cloyster Pokemon XY SpriteCloysterLv. 55water

Press the pink button by Ace Trainer Imelda twice and then walk to the blue platform for another battle.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Viktor
Delibird Pokemon XY SpriteDelibirdLv. 54ice
Mamoswine Pokemon XY SpriteMamoswineLv. 55ice

Press the blue button three times and make your way back to the pink platform. Press the pink button three more times in order to access the green platform.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Shannon
Cryogonal Pokemon XY SpriteCryogonalLv. 52ice
Piloswine Pokemon XY SpritePiloswineLv. 53ice
Jynx Pokemon XY SpriteJynxLv. 54ice

Don't press the green button yet. Instead, go to the yellow platform.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Theo
Beartic Pokemon XY SpriteBearticLv. 54ice
Vanilluxe Pokemon XY SpriteVanilluxeLv. 55ice

Press the yellow button once, then go back to the green platform and press the green button three times. This should open the path to Wulfric.

Any Pokemon with a decent Fire-type attack will destroy Wulfric's Pokemon. Abomasnow takes quadruple damage from Fire because of its Ice-Grass dual-typing. Abomasnow has all-around decent stats, Cryogonal's Special Defense is very good, and Avalugg's physical Defense is extremely high. The battle starts with a hail storm because of Abomasnow's Snow Warning ability.

Gym Leader Wulfric Pokemon XY Sprite
Gym Leader Wulfric
Abomasnow Pokemon XY SpriteAbomasnowLv. 56grass
Cryogonal Pokemon XY SpriteCryogonalLv. 55ice
Avalugg Pokemon XY SpriteAvaluggLv. 59ice

Wulfric gives you the Iceberg Badge. With it, Pokemon of any level will obey your commands. He also gives TM 13 Ice Beam, which is great against Dragon-type Pokemon and has a very small chance of freezing the target. Exit the gym and go west to Route 21 on the way to Victory Road.

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