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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Shalour City Gym
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The Shalour City Gym specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon. They are weak to Psychic and Flying types. Two easy counters you can use are Espurr and Fletchling. Espurr can be found on Route 6. Fletchling can be found in Routes 2 and 3. Fighting-types are also very skilled in physical Attack moves, so your Pokemon will be able to withstand more hits if it has high Defense.

Defeating each of the trainers in the gym raises a portion of the bridge that leads to Gym Leader Korrina. The four trainers are listed going counter clockwise around the track.

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Kate
Meditite Pokemon XY SpriteMedititeLv. 28fighting
Mienfoo Pokemon XY SpriteMienfooLv. 28fighting

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Rolanda
Sawk Pokemon XY SpriteSawkLv. 27fighting
Hariyama Pokemon XY SpriteHariyamaLv. 27fighting

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Dash
Heracross Pokemon XY SpriteHeracrossLv. 30bug

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Shun
Pancham Pokemon XY SpritePanchamLv. 27fighting
Throh Pokemon XY SpriteThrohLv. 27fighting
Machoke Pokemon XY SpriteMachokeLv. 27fighting

In addition to her team's high Attack stats, Korrina's Pokemon use Power-Up Punch. This move deals damage and increases the user's Attack stat by one stage. The best strategy you can use is to knock her Pokemon out as quickly as possible before they raise their Attack stat and smash through your team. Be aware of Hawlucha's Flying Press, which deals both Fighting and Flying-type damage. If you're using Flying-type Pokemon, watch out for Machoke's Rock Throw.

Gym Leader Korrina Pokemon XY Sprite
Gym Leader Korrina
Mienfoo Pokemon XY SpriteMienfooLv. 29fighting
Machoke Pokemon XY SpriteMachokeLv. 28fighting
Hawlucha Pokemon XY SpriteHawluchaLv. 30fighting

She gives you the Rumble Badge after battle, which makes all Pokemon up to level 50 obey your commands. It also allows you to use Surf outside of battle to travel on water. Lastly, she gives TM 98 Power-Up Punch, a powerful move for any Fighting-type Pokemon on your team. She tells you to meet her at the top of the Tower of Mastery to get the Mega Ring and have a Mega Evolution Battle.

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