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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Santalune Forest
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Shauna will follow you through the forest and heal your Pokemon whenever you talk to her. That will save a lot of time compared to running all the way back to Aquacorde Town to heal. There are a lot of items scattered around the forest, most of which are waiting in grass.

There's a Potion by the tree near the entrance. Walking west of this tree leads to another Potion and an Antidote. Take the east path from the same tree and walk north past Trevor and Tierno. Eventually, Shauna picks up a Paralyze Heal and gives it to you. Just like the name implies, it heals a Paralyzed Pokemon. This can come in handy against any Pikachu that may Paralyze your Pokemon. Near said field of grass waits another Youngster.

Youngster Pokemon XY Sprite
Youngster Joey
Scatterbug Pokemon XY SpriteScatterbugLv. 3bug
Fletchling Pokemon XY SpriteFletchlingLv. 3normal

Continue on the winding path to find your rival. Talk to her to get some more free Poke Balls. The next two battles in store are against two Lasses.

Lass Pokemon XY Sprite
Lass Anna
Pikachu Pokemon XY SpritePikachuLv. 5electric

Lass Pokemon XY Sprite
Lass Lise
Weedle Pokemon XY SpriteWeedleLv. 2bug
Bunnelby Pokemon XY SpriteBunnelbyLv. 4normal

There's a PokeBall east of Lass Lise. There's a Potion in the opposite direction that leads to the forest's exit to Route 3.

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