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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Santalune City
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The first building you see is the Pokemon Center. Walking inside, Tierno will give a brief explanation of the place. Inside a Pokemon Center you can heal your Pokemon, buy items, and change your clothes. This shop has a lot more variety than the Aquacorde Town store.

The building directly next to the Pokemon Center is a hat store. If you want to customize your look, this is the place to start. Each clothing store throughout Kalos has a different selection.

A house northwest of the Pokemon Center has a Hiker inside that wants to trade Pokemon. He will trade his Farfetch'd for your Bunnelby. Fortunately, Bunnelby isn't hard to find. It can be found practically anywhere up to this point in the game, including Route 3. Best of all, traded Pokemon gain more experience and raise levels faster than Pokemon you catch on your own.

A boy in the house northeast of the Pokemon Center gives away a Great Ball. The big building at the north end of the city is the school. Inside, an old man gives some X Attacks and X Defenses. The final building in the northeast corner of the City is the Pokemon Gym. It's where you can test your skills against the gym leader, Viola. Before you take her on, you might want to get more experience by battling the trainers in Route 22 at the northeast end of town.

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