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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Santalune City Gym
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The Roller Skater from earlier is guarding the door to the gym.

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Rinka
Zigzagoon Pokemon XY SpriteZigzagoonLv. 7normal

After the battle, she gives you some Roller Skates. Now when you use the Circle Pad on the 3DS, your character skates around faster than walking. It also lets you move more freely, no longer confined to the standard grid system that every other Pokemon game has followed.

Now you can enter the gym, which doubles as an art gallery. The trainers here specialize in Bug-type Pokemon, who are generally weak to Fire and Flying-type moves. Ride the pole down to the lower level. You're movement is now restricted to the spider web. The easiest way to reach Viola is to follow the bubbles laid on the web. There are three trainers on the path there.

Youngster Pokemon XY Sprite
Youngster David
Ledyba Pokemon XY SpriteLedybaLv. 10bug

Youngster Pokemon XY Sprite
Youngster Zachary
Spewpa Pokemon XY SpriteSpewpaLv. 10bug

Lass Pokemon XY Sprite
Lass Charlotte
Kakuna Pokemon XY SpriteKakunaLv. 7bug
Combee Pokemon XY SpriteCombeeLv. 9bug

Because of the secondary types of Viola's Pokemon, the best type to use for this battle is Electric. Vivillon's Flying-type and Surskit's Water-type make them both susceptible to Electric attacks. The easiest choice is our old pal Pikachu, who can be caught back in the Santalune Forest. You can still win using other Pokemon, but it will be a tougher battle. Viola's Surkit will pose a problem to any Fire-type Pokemon that have been bulldozing through the rest of the gym. It's part Water, so it can use Bubble to counter against Fire-types. A move to watch out for is Vivillon's Infestation. It deals damage when used and also deals damage in between turns like being Poisoned.

Gym Leader Viola Pokemon XY Sprite
Gym Leader Viola
Surskit Pokemon XY SpriteSurskitLv. 10bug
Vivillon Pokemon XY SpriteVivillonLv. 12bug

After the battle, Viola gives you the Bug Badge, which makes Pokemon up to level 30 obey your commands. She also gives you TM 83 Infestation. Take the shortcut back to the first floor and go outside.

The northwest area of the city has a woman that's blocking the path to Route 4. When you speak with her, she introduces herself as Alexa, Viola's older sister. She awards you the Exp. Share item. It's extremely useful and works slightly different than it has in previous games. It's now a Key Item that can be turned on and off. When it's on, all Pokemon in a party are awarded experience at the end of a battle, regardless of whether they fought or not. Now that you have the first badge, Alexa allows you to enter Route 4.

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