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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Route 9
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Route 9 is an unforgiving rocky path that requires an aid to travel through. Luckily, there's a Rhyhorn that you can ride at the beginning of the route. Walk into it to mount it. It moves like a tank, so it has to stop moving in order to change direction. Press the A button while riding Rhyhorn to smash any rocks you come across.

Smash the first two rocks and then the third one nearby to find an X Defense. Use the B button to dismount from Rhyhorn. The next area along the path splits into a fork. The right path has a Paralyze Heal and a not-so-obvious path on the edge of the cliff that winds around to a Fire Stone, which can be used to evolve certain Fire-type Pokemon. The left path leads to the entrance of Glittering Cave. Before you enter, there's still some more of Route 9 to explore.

Continue on the rock path with Rhyhorn to find a Dusk Ball, which is a type of Poke Ball that is more effective in places like caves with low lighting. There's also a new type of battle to experience here. The Sky Trainer will battle you when he sees you from across the gap at the top of the stairs. He challenges you to a Sky Battle, where only Pokemon that are Flying-type or have the Levitate ability are allowed to participate.

Sky Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Sky Trainer Orion
Ledian Pokemon XY SpriteLedianLv. 21bug

The Pokemon Ranger near the Glittering Cave entrance heals your Pokemon for free. Take advantage of the service before entering the cave.

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