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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Route 7
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Shauna will try to stop you if you attempt to take the path to Route 6. However, you can go south to the berry field.

The man that works at the berry field will set you up to grow some berries. He gives you some Oran Berries, Pecha Berries, and a Sprinklotad used to water planted berries. Planting berries makes a single berry grow into multiple berries after some time passes. There's also a mulch machine nearby that makes mulch, which affects the growth of berries and how long they stay ripe. The berries used to make the mulch affect what kind of mulch you get. Don't forget to pick up the Miracle Seed in the southwest corner of the berry field. It increases the power of Grass-type attacks when a Pokemon holds it.

Back on Route 7, head west to find the two men from Shabboneau Castle standing near a sleeping Snorlax. The large Pokemon is blocking the path in typical Snorlax fashion. The only thing that can wake a Snorlax up is the sound of a Poke Flute. The Black Belt had a one, but he gave it to the owner of Parfum Palace at the end of Route 6. Pick up the Heal Ball that's north of this bridge and then go to Route 6.

<- Camphrier Town Walkthrough Index Route 6 ->