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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Route 5
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A Lucario approaches and sniffs you as soon as you enter the route. Soon after, Korrina introduces herself. She's the gym leader of Shalour City. She skates off and leaves you ready to explore Route 5.

There's a skate park with a rail you can grind on. Simply approch the rail while skating with the circle pad and your character will automatically hop on. The first rail leads to a Super Potion. Take the path west to a pair of Twins at the top of the stairs.

Twins Pokemon XY Sprite
Twins Faith and Joy
Plusle Pokemon XY SpritePlusleLv. 11electric
Minun Pokemon XY SpriteMinunLv. 11electric

There's a Great Ball southeast of the Twins. Continuing west, you'll run into Trevor and Tierno, the latter of which wants to show you his dance moves in a battle.

Tierno Pokemon XY Sprite
Corphish Pokemon XY SpriteCorphishLv. 12water

Trevor briefly explains Horde Encounters and gives you Honey, which makes hordes of Pokemon attack more often. A Horde Battle happens when five Pokemon all attack at once. The group of Pokemon aren't very difficult, though, because they are lower levels than typical Pokemon found in the given area. Moves that can hit multiple targets are good for Horde Encounters. Continue northwest past the patch of grass to battle a Rising Star.

Rising Star Pokemon XY Sprite
Rising Star Hamish
Kadabra Pokemon XY SpriteKadabraLv. 13psychic

The rail to the north leads to a Super Potion back by the skate park. The path west leads up a hill with two Roller Skaters skating around cones.

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Winnie
Bunnelby Pokemon XY SpriteBunnelbyLv. 9normal
Skiddo Pokemon XY SpriteSkiddoLv. 11grass

Roller Skater Pokemon XY Sprite
Roller Skater Florin
Doduo Pokemon XY SpriteDoduoLv. 12normal

The rail north of the skaters eventually leads to TM 01 Hone Claws, which increases Attack upon use. Hop down the ledge to battle with another Rising Star.

Rising Star Pokemon XY Sprite
Rising Star Tyson
Bidoof Pokemon XY SpriteBidoofLv. 12normal
Oddish Pokemon XY SpriteOddishLv. 10grass

An X Attack can be found past the field of purple flowers to the south. There's a rail east of the X Attack that leads back downhill to an Oran Berry tree. Walk down the stairs southwest of Rising Star Tyson to battle a Backpacker and a Youngster.

Backpacker Pokemon XY Sprite
Backpacker Heike
Sentret Pokemon XY SpriteSentretLv. 12normal

Youngster Pokemon XY Sprite
Youngster Keita
Pansage Pokemon XY SpritePansageLv. 12grass

Continue west to Camphrier Town

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