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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Route 21
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An Ace Trainer is waiting at the beginning of the route.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Mireille
Sableye Pokemon XY SpriteSableyeLv. 55dark
Crustle Pokemon XY SpriteCrustleLv. 56bug

Surf north up the river to pick up an Insect Plate. There's a boulder northeast of Ace Trainer Mireille. Push it right three times, left once, and then up until it falls into a hole to find a trainer on the other side.

Veteran Pokemon XY Sprite
Veteran Louis
Hippowdon Pokemon XY SpriteHippowdonLv. 55ground
Aurorus Pokemon XY SpriteAurorusLv. 57rock

The nearby house is where a Move Tutor lives. He teaches Draco Meteor to any compatible Pokemon. Surfing across the lake west of the house leads to a Repeat Ball and a Figy Berry tree. Go back to the main path and battle the pair of Ace Trainers.

Ace Duo Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Duo Elina and Sean
Wailord Pokemon XY SpriteWailordLv. 57water
Vileplume Pokemon XY SpriteVileplumeLv. 57grass

There's a hill near the gate to Victory Road that leads south. It leads to a boulder maze with a few items and more trainers. Enter the gate to the west to finally enter Victory Road.

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