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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Route 19
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A Hex Maniac is waiting at the beginning of the route.

Hex Maniac Pokemon XY Sprite
Hex Maniac Josette
Pumpkaboo Pokemon XY SpritePumpkabooLv. 50ghost
Pumpkaboo Pokemon XY SpritePumpkabooLv. 50ghost
Chespin Pokemon XY SpriteChespinLv. grass

Walk down the stairs to the west and Surf across the marsh to find three battles.

Pokemon Rangers Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Rangers Ivy and Orrick
Tauros Pokemon XY SpriteTaurosLv. 53normal
Miltank Pokemon XY SpriteMiltankLv. 53normal

Swimmer Pokemon XY Sprite
Swimmer Coral
Stunfisk Pokemon XY SpriteStunfiskLv. 52electric

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Clementine
Alomomola Pokemon XY SpriteAlomomolaLv. 54water

A Rare Bone can be found south of Swimmer Coral. Surf north to find a patrolling ranger.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Ambre
Emolga Pokemon XY SpriteEmolgaLv. 51electric
Grumpig Pokemon XY SpriteGrumpigLv. 51psychic

There's a quick rock puzzle to the north. Push the rock down, right, up, up, right, and right again to gain access to a Toxic Plate. Walk up the stairs and through the field of yellow flowers to find a PP Up. Cross the bridge, where a Pokemon Ranger is patrolling near a Yache Berry tree.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Shinobu
Zangoose Pokemon XY SpriteZangooseLv. 51normal
Beartic Pokemon XY SpriteBearticLv. 51ice

Walk east up the stairs to pick up TM 36 Sludge Bomb. Hopping over the ledge puts you back at the beginning of the route. This time, take the east path to fight a Sky Trainer and a Fairy Tale Girl.

Sky Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Sky Trainer Sera
Noctowl Pokemon XY SpriteNoctowlLv. 50normal

Fairy Tale Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Fairy Tale Girl Lovelyn
Mr. Mime Pokemon XY SpriteMr. MimeLv. 49psychic
Azumarill Pokemon XY SpriteAzumarillLv. 49water
Aromatisse Pokemon XY SpriteAromatisseLv. 49fairy

There's an HP Up in the field of flowers south of Fairy Tale Girl Lovelyn. The item in the set of rock pillars is a Max Revive. Attempting to cross the large bridge to the west causes a set of battles with Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor, so you might want to heal your Pokemon first.

Shauna Pokemon XY Sprite
Delcatty Pokemon XY SpriteDelcattyLv. 49normal
Goodra Pokemon XY SpriteGoodraLv. 49dragon
Delphox Pokemon XY SpriteDelphoxLv. 51fire

Tierno Pokemon XY Sprite
Talonflame Pokemon XY SpriteTalonflameLv. 48fire
Roserade Pokemon XY SpriteRoseradeLv. 49grass
Crawdaunt Pokemon XY SpriteCrawdauntLv. 52water

Trevor Pokemon XY Sprite
Raichu Pokemon XY SpriteRaichuLv. 49electric
Aerodactyl Pokemon XY SpriteAerodactylLv. 49rock
Florges Pokemon XY SpriteFlorgesLv. 51fairy

After the gauntlet finishes, Shauna gives you HM 05 Waterfall as a prize. You won't be able to climb waterfalls outside of battle until you get the next gym badge, though. Finish crossing the bridge and use the gate to enter Snowbelle City.

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