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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Route 18
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The first part of the route before the bridge has a Hyper Potion, Wacan Berry tree, and a Youngster to battle.

Youngster Pokemon XY Sprite
Youngster Jayden
Scolipede Pokemon XY SpriteScolipedeLv. 48bug
Pinsir Pokemon XY SpritePinsirLv. 48bug

You can find a PP Up by grinding down the rail near the Wacan Berry tree. A Battle Girl is patrolling back on the bridge.

Battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Battle Girl Justene
Mienshao Pokemon XY SpriteMienshaoLv. 52fighting

The house on the other side of the bridge has a unique type of battle. It's called an Inverse Battle, where all weaknesses and resistances are reversed. Grass-type moves are super-effective against Fire-type Pokemon, Water-type moves are super-effective against Electric-type Pokemon, etc. This leads to an interesting battle.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic Inver
Talonflame Pokemon XY SpriteTalonflameLv. 55fire
Abomasnow Pokemon XY SpriteAbomasnowLv. 55grass
Mr. Mime Pokemon XY SpriteMr. MimeLv. 55psychic

You get an item for participating in the battle once daily. It's chosen from a large selection that consists mainly of berries, evolutionary stones, and Rare Candies. A Hiker is waiting south of the house.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Orestes
Stunfisk Pokemon XY SpriteStunfiskLv. 50electric

The nearby cave entrances lead to Terminus Cave, which will be covered in the next section. For now, walk southeast along the suspended railroad tracks to find a Max Ether. There's also a Sky Trainer waiting at the dead end of the upper level railroad tracks.

Sky Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Sky Trainer Jeremy
Ninjask Pokemon XY SpriteNinjaskLv. 46bug
Drifblim Pokemon XY SpriteDrifblimLv. 47ghost
Flygon Pokemon XY SpriteFlygonLv. 50ground

Use the stairs to go down one level. If you have Rock Smash, there's an X Defense and a Black Belt by the lower entrances to Terminus Cave.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Yanis
Sawk Pokemon XY SpriteSawkLv. 49fighting
Pangoro Pokemon XY SpritePangoroLv. 50fighting

There's one last trainer to battle on the south end of the route.

Lass Pokemon XY Sprite
Lass Sara
Granbull Pokemon XY SpriteGranbullLv. 48fairy
Dedenne Pokemon XY SpriteDedenneLv. 48electric

With Route 18 complete, you're ready to explore Terminus Cave.

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