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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Route 14
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Trevor and your rival are waiting at the beginning of the route. Trevor wants to compare Pokedexes and your rival wants to battle.

Rival Pokemon XY Sprite
Meowstic Pokemon XY SpriteMeowsticLv. 35psychic
Absol Pokemon XY SpriteAbsolLv. 35dark
Chesnaught Pokemon XY SpriteChesnaughtLv. 37grass
(Froakie Starter)
Delphox Pokemon XY SpriteDelphoxLv. 37fire
(Chespin Starter)
Greninja Pokemon XY SpriteGreninjaLv. 37water
(Fennekin Starter)

Shauna and Tierno show up and everyone but your rival heads toward the spooky house. Go north to find a Pokemon Ranger.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Melina
Arbok Pokemon XY SpriteArbokLv. 35poison
Pyroar Pokemon XY SpritePyroarLv. 35fire

There's a Cleanse Tag in the dead end east of Pokemon Ranger Melina. Take the path west of her to find a Big Mushroom. Continuing north, you'll find more trainers to battle.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Nash
Goomy Pokemon XY SpriteGoomyLv. 38dragon

Hex Maniac Pokemon XY Sprite
Hex Maniac Anina
Litwick Pokemon XY SpriteLitwickLv. 34ghost

Eventually, you'll find youself in another swampy area. There's a Hyper Potion and a Pokemon Ranger to battle nearby. The Hex Maniac gives TM 06 Toxic. This move badly poisons the target. That means the Poisoned Pokemon takes more and more Poison damage as the battle continues. There's a Damp Rock across the water from the Hex Maniac. It increases the duration of Rain Dance when the user holds it.

Pokemon Ranger Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Ranger Reed
Poliwhirl Pokemon XY SpritePoliwhirlLv. 35water
Fraxure Pokemon XY SpriteFraxureLv. 36dragon
Loudred Pokemon XY SpriteLoudredLv. 34normal

East of this swamp is a Fairy Tale Girl, a Roseli Berry tree, and TM 61 Will-O-Wisp tucked away behind a cuttable tree. Will-O-Wisp burns the target, resulting in damage dealt in between turns and a lowered Attack.

Fairy Tale Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Fairy Tale Girl Imogen
Floette Pokemon XY SpriteFloetteLv. 33fairy
Slurpuff Pokemon XY SpriteSlurpuffLv. 35fairy

Back at the swamp, go west to meet up with the gang at the spooky house. The man who runs the house tells a spooky story and asks for a tip. Pretty uneventful if you ask me. After it's over, walk south to find a Spell Tag, which boosts Ghost-type moves. That finishes Route 14, so continue north to Laverre City.

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