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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Route 11
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The route starts off with a Psychic standing by a Sitrus Berry tree.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic Emanuel
Solosis Pokemon XY SpriteSolosisLv. 24psychic
Sigilyph Pokemon XY SpriteSigilyphLv. 24psychic

Walk up the stairs to the east to fight a Battle Girl.

Battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Battle Girl Gerardine
Mienfoo Pokemon XY SpriteMienfooLv. 28fighting

Continue on the main path. Professor Sycamore calls you on the Holo Caster to tell you of a Mega Evolution guru in the next town. For now, walk behind the nearby crystal to gain access to a cuttable tree. Cut the tree down and slide down the hill to pick up TM 69 Rock Polish. It's a Rock-type move that increases the user's Speed. Make your way back to the main path to fight a team of trainers.

Brains and Brawn Pokemon XY Sprite
Brains and Brawn Frank and Sly
Mr. Mime Pokemon XY SpriteMr. MimeLv. 26psychic
Machoke Pokemon XY SpriteMachokeLv. 26fighting

East of the two trainers is a Hyper Potion. Walk up the large set of stairs to find a Thunder Stone hidden in a crystal at the top. That's everything on Route 11, so you might want to heal up back in Geosenge Town before entering Reflection Cave.

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