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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Reflection Cave
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Follow the main path to find a Backpacker admiring himself in the mirror.

Backpacker Pokemon XY Sprite
Backpacker Lane
Linoone Pokemon XY SpriteLinooneLv. 26normal

The path forks into three new paths. The north path leads to a Nest Ball. The not-so-obvious path east leads to a Revive. The path south leads further into the cave to a Battle Girl.

Battle Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Battle Girl Hedvig
Throh Pokemon XY SpriteThrohLv. 25fighting
Hawlucha Pokemon XY SpriteHawluchaLv. 26fighting

You can go in two directions from Battle Girl Hedvig. The short south path has a Moon Stone to pick up. Go east of Battle Girl Hedvig to fight an Ace Trainer.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Monique
Doduo Pokemon XY SpriteDoduoLv. 24normal
Helioptile Pokemon XY SpriteHelioptileLv. 25electric
Granbull Pokemon XY SpriteGranbullLv. 24fairy

The path to the north leads to a dead end at the moment, so take the stairs down one floor.

The girl in green will heal your Pokemon for free. Eventually, you'll run into a Tourist.

Tourist Pokemon XY Sprite
Tourist Monami
Nidorina Pokemon XY SpriteNidorinaLv. 26poison

The path east of the Tourist leads to a Black Belt at the top of a hill. The Black Belt is a hold item that boosts Fighting-type moves. Walk south from the Tourist to find Tierno. He gives you TM 70 Flash. Tierno says it lowers the chance of encountering wild Pokemon. It also pulls the camera away in caves so you can see more of the area. Moving east of Tierno, you'll find an Escape Rope and a Black Belt to battle.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Igor
Sawk Pokemon XY SpriteSawkLv. 28fighting

Continue on this path to fight a Psychic, Tourist Monami's fiance, and a pair of Honeymooners.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic Franz
Chimecho Pokemon XY SpriteChimechoLv. 24psychic
Golett Pokemon XY SpriteGolettLv. 24ground

Tourist Pokemon XY Sprite
Tourist Haruto
Nidorino Pokemon XY SpriteNidorinoLv. 26poison

Honeymooners Pokemon XY Sprite
Honeymooners Yuu and Ami
Vespiquen Pokemon XY SpriteVespiquenLv. 26bug
Combee Pokemon XY SpriteCombeeLv. 26bug

There's a Hyper Potion east of the Honey Mooners. Go west of the Honeymooners to find an Ace Trainer waiting by an Iron.

Ace Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Ace Trainer Emil
Absol Pokemon XY SpriteAbsolLv. 26dark
Pinsir Pokemon XY SpritePinsirLv. 25bug

There are three ways to go from Ace Trainer Emil. To the south there's a hill you can slide down. It takes you back to the beginning of the floor where the girl in green heals your Pokemon. There's also two sets of stairs to take. One leads down to the second basement floor and the other leads back up one floor to the cave's exit. Go down to 2BF.

There's an Earth Plate here that's easy to get to. There's also a doorway at the north end of the room that's easy to miss. Use the reflection of the mirror on the wall to find it. The room holds TM 74 Gyro Ball. The slower the user is compared to the target, the more damage is dealt with Gyro Ball. That's everything in this area of the cave, so use the stairs that lead back to the first floor. A Hiker is waiting by the cave's exit.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Dunstan
Sandile Pokemon XY SpriteSandileLv. 22ground
Diggersby Pokemon XY SpriteDiggersbyLv. 24normal
Dwebble Pokemon XY SpriteDwebbleLv. 23bug

You can push the boulder into the hole with Strength, but there really isn't much else left in the cave. You've probably already found everything. Exit the cave to Shalour City.

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