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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Pokemon Village
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Walk into the village to meet Wulfric, the leader of the Snowbelle City Gym. He apologizes for being away and goes back to the gym. Talk to one of the Furfrous to get a free Chople Berry. The Fletchling gives a Pretty Wing.

There are three items to pick up. There's a Full Restore in the northwest corner of the area. A Max Ether is in the southeast corner. There's also a Pixie Plate on the far west end of the area, past the river.

A man to the north is standing in front of a cave. This is the Unknown Dungeon, where you can eventually catch Mewtwo. The man won't budge until you defeat the Elite Four, though. The sleeping Snorlax under the tent will also go back to Route 7 once you beat the Elite Four, where you can battle it again.

<- Route 20 Walkthrough Index Snowbelle City Gym ->