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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Parfum Palace
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The southeast corner of the front yard has a photo spot, which lets you take pictures of your character that are saved to an SD card. The woman in green will give an Oran Berry if you talk to her. Talk to the man at the gate and give him $1,000 to enter the palace.

When you enter, a man is frantically searching for his lost Furfrou. There are two floors to the palace. The first floor doesn't have much going on. The left-most room of the second floor has an Amulet Coin sitting at the base of the fire place. An Amulet Coin doubles your earnings when a participating Pokemon holds it in battle.

Use the doors in the middle of the first floor to enter the courtyard. There are four hedge mazes here, each one positioned in a corner. The southwest hedge maze has a Super Potion and the first Hidden Machine in the game, HM 01 Cut. HM moves allow a Pokemon to perform a special action outside of battle. In the case of Cut, a Pokemon can cut down the prickly green bushes you may have already seen around Kalos. In battle, Cut is a mediocre Normal-type move that has no secondary effect.

The southeast hedge maze has an Antidote. In the very northwest corner of the courtyard is a Guard Spec, which prevents stat reduction for five turns. The northwest hedge maze is where you'll find the missing Furfrou. You need to use Shauna to lead the Furfrou into the maze's dead end. Shauna will follow you and you can tell her where to stop. Walk up and tell her to stop in the middle of the maze. Then go to the bottom-right corner and walk up towards the Furfrou. This will make it run to the top-right corner of the maze. Move Shauna over to the left side of the maze and then chase the Furfrou from the right side. With nowhere to go, it should be at a dead end. Its owner appears and he decides to thank you with a fireworks show, so go back inside the palace and go to the second floor balcony.

After the wonderfrou fireworks, the man lets you borrow the Poke Flute. His butler also gives you TM 17 Protect. This is a useful move that prevents all damage from attacks to the user for one turn. However, it's less likely to work the more times you use it in a row. With the Poke Flute in your possession, go back to Route 7 to wake up Snorlax.

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