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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Lumiose City North
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(This page is for the northern part of Lumiose City accessed from Route 13. If this is your first time in the city, use the Lumiose City Walkthrough.)

Shauna appears when you enter the city. Walk towards the central Prism Tower to see it light up and meet Clemont the gym leader. Just like the southern part of Lumiose City, the northern part is huge. I've broken up the noteworthy places by their locations. A few of the plazas and connecting alleyways have some battles that are useful to level up before the taking on the gym.

Bleu Plaza:
Owner Pokemon XY Sprite
Owner Toro
Diggersby Pokemon XY SpriteDiggersbyLv. 30normal

Waitress Pokemon XY Sprite
Waitress Paget
Kirlia Pokemon XY SpriteKirliaLv. 30psychic

Chef Pokemon XY Sprite
Chef Kamaboko
(In Alley)
Pidgeotto Pokemon XY SpritePidgeottoLv. 30normal

Vert Plaza:
Punk Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Girl Lillian
Krokorok Pokemon XY SpriteKrokorokLv. 30ground

Rouge Plaza:
If you have $500,000 to spare, you can battle at the Sushi High Roller restaurant. The empty store across the street will have side quests later in the game.

Black Belt Pokemon XY Sprite
Black Belt Killian
(In Alley)
Machoke Pokemon XY SpriteMachokeLv. 30fighting
Chespin Pokemon XY SpriteChespinLv. grass
Chespin Pokemon XY SpriteChespinLv. grass

Punk Guy Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Guy Faust
(In Alley)
Haunter Pokemon XY SpriteHaunterLv. 30ghost

Autumnal Avenue:
The Poke Ball Boutique sells nearly all of the different Poke Ball types. The Dusk Ball is especially useful when you want to catch Legendary Pokemon found in caves. A little girl in the boutique gives away some Heal Balls. Restaurant Le Yeah has Triple and Rotation Battles on the menu for $15,000. You get Big Mushrooms as a prize for participating. The Juice Shoppe offers a Colorful Shake that increases a Pokemon's happiness. You can also mix different berries to make a juice that affects a Pokemon's Effort Values.

North Boulevard:
The stand sells Lumiose Galette at 3am/pm and 9 am/pm. You also get a Moomoo Milk when you buy one. The Lumiose Galette functions the same as a Full heal and Moomoo Milk heals 100 HP. The office building in between the Pokemon Center and the Galette stand has a creepy encounter. When entering the second floor, a Hex Maniac appears out of thin air and says, "No, you're not the one..." before floating away. Currently, there's no reason or explanation to this event. A girl on the third floor of this office building gives away the Expert Belt. It makes super-effective attacks do 20% more damage. A Battle Girl on the same floor gives a Protein.

A man on the first floor of the museum gives away TM 82 Dragon Tail.

Mr. Bonding is waiting in the Hotel Richissime lobby where he gives the Bargain Power. The girl at the front desk has some jobs for you to do if you want to make some quick money. The fourth floor of the hotel has another creepy Hex Maniac that's listening to the elevator. Finally, a blonde girl in a bathroom on the fifth floor gives you TM 49 Echoed Voice. It's an attack that gets more powerful each consecutive time it's used in battle.

The office building across from Cafe Ultimo has a girl on the fourth floor that gives away a Prism Scale. A Feebas holding a Prism Scale when traded will evolve into Milotic.

The route gates connected to North Boulevard are blocked by various people, so you can't leave the city yet. Go to the gym in the middle of the city to battle Clemont.

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