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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Lost Hotel
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The Lost Hotel has two entrances: one on Route 15 and another on Route 16. Each entrance accesses its own area that doesn't connect to the other. You can find a wide assortment of items in the shaking trash cans. On Tuesdays, wild Rotom can be found in certain trash cans as well.

Route 15 Entrance:
This stretch of hallway has two punks and a Smoke Ball.

Punk Guy Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Guy Sid
Scrafty Pokemon XY SpriteScraftyLv. 39dark
Pawniard Pokemon XY SpritePawniardLv. 39dark
Sharpedo Pokemon XY SpriteSharpedoLv. 39water

Punk Girl Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Girl Jeanne
Seviper Pokemon XY SpriteSeviperLv. 40poison
Arbok Pokemon XY SpriteArbokLv. 40poison

Move left in between the two punks to find a Punk Couple.

Punk Couple Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Couple Zoya & Asa
Garbodor Pokemon XY SpriteGarbodorLv. 42poison
Pangoro Pokemon XY SpritePangoroLv. 42fighting

A Punk Guy is guarding the last area and says something about you not having a sense of style. This means you need to learn all of the skate tricks found in Lumiose City. To do this, find all of the Roller Skaters who teach these tricks. They are located in South Boulevard, North Boulevard, Vert Plaza, and Estivel Avenue. Once you have all of the skating tricks, the Punk Guy will let you pass and meet the "Twirling Whirlwind" to learn the final trick, the Cosmic Flip.

Route 16 Entrance:
A Punk Guy is patrolling the area.

Punk Guy Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Guy Slater
Dunsparce Pokemon XY SpriteDunsparceLv. 42normal

A Dread Plate is behind one of the smashable walls. The Roller Skater gives TM 56 Fling, which throws a held item at the target. The damage dealt by Fling depends on the item thrown. Walk north to battle another Punk Guy.

Punk Guy Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Guy Jacques
Skuntank Pokemon XY SpriteSkuntankLv. 40poison
Crawdaunt Pokemon XY SpriteCrawdauntLv. 40water

Continue to the next room to find a Punk Girl.

Punk Guy Pokemon XY Sprite
Punk Guy Cecile
Liepard Pokemon XY SpriteLiepardLv. 40dark
Liepard Pokemon XY SpriteLiepardLv. 40dark

A Protector is surrounded by two smashable walls. It can evolve a Rhydon that holds it during a trade. That's everything in the Lost Hotel, so make your way to Route 16.

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