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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Laverre City
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The Youngster at the beginning of the city gives TM 41 Torment. It prevents the target from using the same move twice. The boutique has some new items for your character to wear. An Ether is tucked away behind the boutique. Mr. Bonding is located in the Pokemon Center yet again to give away another O-Power. This time it's the Encounter Power.

The man waiting near the Route 15 gate will give away a Poke Doll once per day if you show him a Pokemon under 12 inches tall. The girl in the northeast corner of town will also give away a Poke Doll if you show her a Pokemon bigger than 9 feet 10 inches.

You can teach your Pokemon a combo move in the house east of the gym. Grass, Fire, and Water Pledge are moves that do more damage when used together in triple and double battles. The only Pokemon that can learn these moves are the starter Pokemon of each generation.

The Hex Maniac west of the gym gives away a Gengarite. The house by that Hex Maniac is the Pokemon Fan Club. The chairman inside gives away Effort Ribbons to any Pokemon that have all 510 Effort Values filled. The house next to the fan club has a Hex Maniac inside that says what team you used to beat each gym leader.

The gate to Route 15 is blocked and the Poke Ball Factory to the north isn't accessible at the moment, so go to the city's gym to battle Valerie.

<- Route 14 Walkthrough Index Laverre City Gym ->