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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Laverre City Gym
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This gym has nine rooms that are interconnected by warp panels. When you step on a yellow warp panel, you get transported to a another panel in a different room. In order to battle all the trainers and end up in Valerie's room, use the panels in this order starting in the first room: top left, bottom left, bottom right, bottom right, and top left.

Laverre City Gym Map

Valerie and her fellow trainers use Fairy-type Pokemon. They're weak to Poison and Steel, although a few Pokemon used in this gym have a secondary type. In addition to Poison and Steel, Fire-types are resistant to Fairy-type moves.

Here are the trainers you'll battle in order:

Furisode Girl Kali Pokemon XY Sprite
Furisode Girl Kali
Dedenne Pokemon XY SpriteDedenneLv. 38electric
Azumarill Pokemon XY SpriteAzumarillLv. 38water

Furisode Girl Linnea Pokemon XY Sprite
Furisode Girl Linnea
Aromatisse Pokemon XY SpriteAromatisseLv. 40fairy

Furisode Girl Blossom Pokemon XY Sprite
Furisode Girl Blossom
Klefki Pokemon XY SpriteKlefkiLv. 37steel
Kirlia Pokemon XY SpriteKirliaLv. 37psychic
Granbull Pokemon XY SpriteGranbullLv. 37fairy

Furisode Girl Katherine Pokemon XY Sprite
Furisode Girl Katherine
Slurpuff Pokemon XY SpriteSlurpuffLv. 40fairy

Valerie's Mawile is the odd ball of the group. In fact, her Mawile doesn't even have a Fairy-type attack. Whereas the other two Pokemon's strengths lie in their Special Defense and Special Attack, Mawile has better physical stats. For this reason, it's best to have different Pokemon on your team with good physical or Special Defense. Valerie's move of choice is Dazzling Gleam, which is a Fairy-type move that deals damage with no secondary effect. Considering it's a Special Attack, Sylveon and Mr. Mime do a lot of damage with it.

Gym Leader Valerie Pokemon XY Sprite
Gym Leader Valerie
Mawile Pokemon XY SpriteMawileLv. 38steel
Mr. Mime Pokemon XY SpriteMr. MimeLv. 39psychic
Sylveon Pokemon XY SpriteSylveonLv. 42fairy

After winning you're awarded the Fairy Badge, which makes all Pokemon up to level 80 obey you. Valerie also gives you TM 99 Dazzling Gleam. Leave the gym to meet up with Shauna and Trevor. They're going to the Poke Ball Factory, and you should too. Heal your Pokemon and head north.

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