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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Elite Four Wikstrom
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Wikstrom specializes in Steel-type Pokemon, but they all have a secondary type. This makes him one of the most difficult to prepare for. The weaknesses of his Pokemon vary, but every one other than Scizor takes double damage from Ground-type moves. Scizor takes quadruple damage from Fire-type moves, but lacks any other weaknesses. All of Wikstrom's Pokemon have above average Defense stats, so they can usually withstand a super-effective move or two. Be aware of Aegislash's different forms. When in Blade Form, both Attack stats triple. The same goes for its Defense stats when it changes to Shield Form. Fortunately, all of Aegislash's other stats are not so great.

Elite Four Wikstrom Pokemon XY Sprite
Elite Four Wikstrom
Klefki Pokemon XY SpriteKlefkiLv. 63steel
Probopass Pokemon XY SpriteProbopassLv. 63rock
Scizor Pokemon XY SpriteScizorLv. 63bug
Aegislash Pokemon XY SpriteAegislashLv. 65steel

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