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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Elite Four Malva
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All four of Malva's Fire Pokemon share weakness to Rock and Water. They all have average Defense and Special Defense with the exception of Torkoal, who has insanely high Physical Defense. Another stat to note is Chandelure's Special Attack. It can deal a lot of damage if it gets the opportunity to use Shadow Ball or Flamethrower. The easiest way to deal with her Pokemon is to attack with Surf. It's a Special-style attack, so it avoids Torkoal's physical Defense. Even non-Water-type Pokemon like Gogoat, Diggersby, and Pangoro can be taught Surf. Malva uses a mixture of Special and Physical attacks.

Elite Four Malva Pokemon XY Sprite
Elite Four Malva
Pyroar Pokemon XY SpritePyroarLv. 63fire
Torkoal Pokemon XY SpriteTorkoalLv. 63fire
Chandelure Pokemon XY SpriteChandelureLv. 63ghost
Talonflame Pokemon XY SpriteTalonflameLv. 65fire

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