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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Cyllage City
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A man in the southeast house gives a Whipped Dream in X or a Sachet in Y. These items can be used to evolve Swirlix and Spritzee, respectively. To do so, trade them while they hold their respective item. The building east of the Pokemon Center is the bicycle shop. Talk to the clerk inside and answer "Of Course" to the quiz to get a free bike. You get to choose a green or yellow bike.

The purple-haired person in the Pokemon Center will trade his Steelix for your Luvdisc. If you don't have a Luvdisc, you can catch one by using your Old Rod in the waters of Route 8. The house west of the Pokemon Center has a masseuse that will massage your Pokemon, raising their friendship level. The house north of the Pokemon Center has a lady that will give you some Persim Berries. Just answer "Persim Berry" and "Confused" to her questions.

Hotel Cyllage is north of the Pokemon Center. A man on the hotel's first floor gives TM 44 Rest, which puts the user to sleep but also replenishes health. The woman sitting at the same table gives TM 88 Sleep Talk. Normally a sleeping Pokemon can't attack but Sleep Talk is a move that can be used while a Pokemon is asleep. When Sleep Talk is used, another move the Pokemon knows is randomly selected and used. The maid on the second floor gives a Destiny Knot. When the holder of Destiny Knot becomes infatuated so does the Pokemon it's attracted to. The woman in the middle room gives Snooze Ribbons to your Pokemon. Finally, Mr. Bonding can be found in the right-most room of the hotel's second floor. This time, he gives you the Prize Money Power.

The cafe near the hotel allows you to see Pokemon that you normally can't find in Kalos. This lets you search for these Pokemon on the GTS in order to trade for them online. There's a Super Potion behind the benches on the northeast side of the city. That should be everything in the city other than the gym. Find the concrete bike path east of the Pokemon Center and ride it up. Here you meet Grant, the Cyllage Gym Leader. He gives you HM 04 Strength. It lets you move the big gray boulders you've seen lying around. You need to beat him first before you can use it outside of battle, though. The ledge you can slide down near the gym entrance leads to an X Defense. The big hill on the north end of the city has an X Special Attack waiting by a ledge as well. Enter the gym when you're ready.

<- Route 8 Part 2 Walkthrough Index Cyllage City Gym ->