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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Cyllage City Gym
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This gym is a large rock climbing wall with Gym Leader Grant waiting at the top. As you might guess, the type theme of this gym is Rock. Many Pokemon here have the Sturdy ability, which prevents them from being knocked out in one hit. There are two places to climb up from the bottom level but both lead to a Rising Star.

Rising Star Pokemon XY Sprite
Rising Star Didier
Dwebble Pokemon XY SpriteDwebbleLv. 21bug
Relicanth Pokemon XY SpriteRelicanthLv. 23water

The second level has a left and right wall to climb. Don't bother using the right wall because it leads to a dead end. Take the left wall and continue walking around to find a Hiker.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Craig
Roggenrola Pokemon XY SpriteRoggenrolaLv. 24rock

Climb back down from where the Hiker is and continue walking to the back side of the rock to battle a Rising Star.

Rising Star Pokemon XY Sprite
Rising Star Manon
Solrock Pokemon XY SpriteSolrockLv. 22rock
Lunatone Pokemon XY SpriteLunatoneLv. 22rock

Climb up and around to find another Hiker.

Hiker Pokemon XY Sprite
Hiker Bernard
Rhyhorn Pokemon XY SpriteRhyhornLv. 21ground
Nosepass Pokemon XY SpriteNosepassLv. 21rock
Onix Pokemon XY SpriteOnixLv. 21rock

The last rock face leads to Gym Leader Grant. He uses the two resurrected forms of the fossils from Glittering Cave, Amaura and Tyrunt. Both of his Pokemon are weak to Fighting, Ground, and Steel-type moves. Amaura is also weak to Water, Grass, and Rock-type moves while Tyrunt is weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type moves. Amaura can Paralyze your Pokemon with Thunder Wave, which can be annoying. Tyrunt's main attacks are Rock Tomb and Bite. Its Strong Jaw ability increases Bite's damage.

Gym Leader Grant Pokemon XY Sprite
Gym Leader Grant
Amaura Pokemon XY SpriteAmauraLv. 25rock
Tyrunt Pokemon XY SpriteTyruntLv. 25rock

After battle, he awards you with the Cliff Badge, which makes all Pokemon up to level 40 obey your commands. He also gives you TM 39 Rock Tomb, which deals damage and has a chance of lowering the target's Speed.

Remember you can now use Strength outside of battle to move large boulders. Try this out in Connecting Cave, which can be accessed at the highest point of the bike trail in Cyllage City. A boulder in that cave is protecting TM 40 Aerial Ace, which is a Flying-type move that isn't affected by lowered accuracy. The next boulder in the cave opens a shortcut back to Route 7. The Backpacker standing by that boulder gives TM 21 Frustration, which is more powerful the lower a Pokemon's friendship level is with its trainer. With all of that out of the way, go north of Cyllage City to Route 10.

<- Cyllage City Walkthrough Index Route 10 ->