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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Couriway Town
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The Pokemon Center is the first building in town, but it doesn't have anything out of the ordinary inside. A girl in the house to the southwest gives away a Revive if you show her a Pokemon that knows Nuzzle. The stairs by the Pokemon Center lead to a train station, where an old lady gives away TM 89 U-Turn. It's a Bug-type move that switches out the user after doing damage. There's also a Rare Candy sitting by one of the benches. Go south to find a bridge. When trying to cross it, Professor Sycamore stops you for a battle.

Professor Sycamore Pokemon XY Sprite
Professor Sycamore
Venusaur Pokemon XY SpriteVenusaurLv. 50grass
Blastoise Pokemon XY SpriteBlastoiseLv. 50water
Charizard Pokemon XY SpriteCharizardLv. 50fire

The woman in the house on the other side of the bridge will give the type-boosting item of your starter Pokemon. The Miracle goes to Chespin, the Charcoal to Fennekin, and the Mystic Water to Froakie. All you have to do is answer her quiz about your starter Pokemon correctly. Don't worry, you get an unlimited number of tries.

The stairs southeast of the bridge lead to the Couriway Hotel. Inside, there's a little girl on the first floor that gives away TM 55 Scald. Just answer her question with "Kelp". Scald is a Water-type move that can Burn the target. A girl on the second floor will award the first Pokemon in your party with the Relax Ribbon. Finally, Mr. Bonding is waiting in the last room of the second floor to give the Stealth O-Power.

There's a Max Potion by the waterfalls northeast of the hotel. There's also a big waterfall southeast of the hotel, but you'll need a new HM before you can ride it up. For now, use the gate at the south end of town to enter Route 19.

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