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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Champion Diantha
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Champion Diantha poses the final challenge. Unlike the Elite Four, she doesn't specialize in a single Pokemon type. Instead, she uses many different types of Pokemon with multiple move types. Her Tyrantrum and Aurorus are both weak to Fighting, Ground, and Steel-type moves. Hawlucha and Gourgeist share Flying and Ice-type weaknesses. Goodra also has an Ice-type weakness. Her Gardevoir can Mega Evolve, which raises its Special Attack quite a bit. It would be best to knock it out using Physical Attacks before it has a chance to do damage. In order to maximize weaknesses and minimize resistances from your moves, make sure to use Ice and Ghost-type moves. You should've already received TM 13 Ice Beam from Wulfric. For Ghost-type moves, you can find TM 30 Shadow Ball in Terminus Cave and TM 65 Shadow Claw in Glittering Cave.

Champion Diantha Pokemon XY Sprite
Champion Diantha
Hawlucha Pokemon XY SpriteHawluchaLv. 64fighting
Tyrantrum Pokemon XY SpriteTyrantrumLv. 65rock
Aurorus Pokemon XY SpriteAurorusLv. 65rock
Gourgeist Pokemon XY SpriteGourgeistLv. 65ghost
Goodra Pokemon XY SpriteGoodraLv. 66dragon
Gardevoir Pokemon XY SpriteGardevoirLv. 68psychic

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