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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough: Camphrier Town
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The first house you see when you enter town has a woman inside that gives away TM 46 Thief. It lets the user steal a wild Pokemon's held item. The Name Rater is located inside Camphrier's Pokemon Center. He lets you rename your Pokemon for free. The man standing outside the Pokemon Center gives you an Ultra Ball, which is the strongest type of Poke Ball that you can readily acquire. A Star Piece is hidden away down a small path south of the Pokemon Center. Star Pieces can be sold for a lot of money.

The Camphrier Hotel can be found west of the Pokemon Center. A woman in the lobby gives a Full Heal. Mr. Bonding is waiting on the second floor to give you the Special Attack O-Power. The red-haired girl waiting behind the hotel gives a Berry Juice. There's an X Attack waiting southwest of the hotel that can be accessed by a nearby ledge. A man in the northwest house wants to see a particular Pokemon type once per day. If you show him a Pokemon of that type, he'll give you a berry of your choosing. A woman in the same house gives you a Sweet Heart, which functions like a Potion.

Before leaving town you have to visit Shabboneau Castle. There's next to nothing inside except for a Black Belt standing near a display case. He eventually heads to Route 7 with another man. Pick up the Escape Rope in the second floor hallway and head to Route 7.

<- Route 5 Walkthrough Index Route 7 ->