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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Azure Bay
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Azure Bay is a wide open area, so navigating it is fairly straightforward. The Sea Spirit's Den is located in the middle of the bay. Until you defeat the Elite Four, the den is completely empty. Head back to Coumarine City once you're done exploring.

There are plenty of trainers that use Pokemon weak to Electric-type attacks.

Swimmer Pokemon XY Sprite
Swimmer Kieran
Remoraid Pokemon XY SpriteRemoraidLv. 27water
Skrelp Pokemon XY SpriteSkrelpLv. 27poison
Wailmer Pokemon XY SpriteWailmerLv. 27water

Swimmer Pokemon XY Sprite
Swimmer Romy
Slowpoke Pokemon XY SpriteSlowpokeLv. 30water

Fisherman Pokemon XY Sprite
Fisherman Ewan
Clauncher Pokemon XY SpriteClauncherLv. 27water
Carvanha Pokemon XY SpriteCarvanhaLv. 29water

Swimmer Pokemon XY Sprite
Swimmer Isla
Corsola Pokemon XY SpriteCorsolaLv. 28water
Lanturn Pokemon XY SpriteLanturnLv. 28water

Sky Trainer Pokemon XY Sprite
Sky Trainer Elata
Fletchinder Pokemon XY SpriteFletchinderLv. 28fire
Pelipper Pokemon XY SpritePelipperLv. 29water

The old man by Fisherman Ewan gives you an Ampharosite that can be used to Mega Evolve an Ampharos. A small enclave on the southwest side of the bay has a patch of grass and a Deep Sea Tooth, Deep Sea Scale, and TM 81 X-Scissor. Other items scattered around the bay include a Big Pearl, Dive Ball, and Splash Plate.

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