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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Aquacorde Town
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As soon as you enter Aquacorde Town, your neighbors call you over to a table. They introduce you to the shy nerd Trevor and the dancer Tierno. They let you pick your nickname, which they'll be calling you from now on, and give you your first Pokemon. This is an important choice, so pick wisely.

All three of the starters gain a secondary type with their final evolutionary stage. Chespin starts as a pure Grass-type but its final evolution changes into Grass and Fighting-type. Fennekin is a Fire-type Pokemon that eventually evolves into a Fire and Psychic-type. Froakie is a Water-type that gains becomes Dark-type as well. Once you pick, Shauna gets the Pokemon that's weak to your choice and your new rival gets the Pokemon that is strong against your choice.

Trevor gives you the Pokedex. It logs all the Pokemon you see and catch. Finally, Tierno gives you the Professor's Letter, which you need to take back to your Mom back in Vaniville Town. When you start going back south, Shauna stops you for a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Shauna Pokemon XY Sprite
Pokemon Trainer Shauna
Chespin Pokemon XY SpriteChespinLv. 5grass(Fennekin Starter)
Fennekin Pokemon XY SpriteFennekinLv. 5fire(Froakie Starter)
Froakie Pokemon XY SpriteFroakieLv. 5water(Chespin Starter)

This first battle is nothing to be worried about because you have the type advantage against Shauna's Pokemon. Your Pokemon should have three moves; two Normal-type moves and a move that matches your Pokemon's type. Using that third move will be super effective against Shauna's Pokemon. That way, you can finish the battle in about three turns and make your Pokemon's level raise to 6.

Go back to Vaniville Town and give your Mom the letter. In return, she gives you the Town Map and sends you on your merry way. Go back to Aquacorde Town to finish exploring. The man by the central fountain gives a Potion, which heals a Pokemon's health by 20 points. The building left of the fountain sells Poke Balls, which are needed to capture more Pokemon. Even if you don't buy any now, you'll receive some as a gift soon.

There are two buildings to the right of the fountain. The one with the red overghanging will heal your Pokemon. The building with the green overhanging sells Potions.

When you're ready, walk north over the bridge to Route 2.

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