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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Anistar City Gym
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This gym specializes in Psychic Pokemon, which generally have good Special Attack. Because of this, Pokemon with high Special Defense will do well in this gym. Pure Psychic Pokemon are weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type moves. However, keep in mind that the majority of the Pokemon in this gym have a secondary type which can switch up weakness and resistance.

Step on the middle of the carpet in the lobby to be transported to a crazy Psychonauts-inspired area that defies gravity. Each level of the gym is colored differently, so it should be easy to know where you are. It may seem like a confusing maze at first, but it's actually very linear. Walk up on the blue platform to battle a Psychic.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic Paschal
Exeggutor Pokemon XY SpriteExeggutorLv. 46grass

The yellow square by the Psychic is the first in a series of teleporters. Step on it to teleport down one level to the green platform below. From there, move right on the green platform to a teleporter, down on the blue platform, and down on the green platform to find yourself on another blue platform with a Psychic to battle.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic Harry
Medicham Pokemon XY SpriteMedichamLv. 46fighting

Move down from Psychic Harry to find a fork in the path. Take the path to the right and teleport to the green platform, then move up to teleport to a pink platform. There's another battle here.

Psychic Pokemon XY Sprite
Psychic Arthur
Reuniclus Pokemon XY SpriteReuniclusLv. 46psychic

Teleport to the next green platform. Here, you can go up to battle a Hex Maniac that leads to a dead end.

Hex Maniac Pokemon XY Sprite
Hex Maniac Arachna
Jynx Pokemon XY SpriteJynxLv. 46ice

The left path leads to another battle and the teleporter that connects to Olympia.

Hex Maniac Pokemon XY Sprite
Hex Maniac Melanie
Gardevoir Pokemon XY SpriteGardevoirLv. 46psychic

On top of their already good Special Attack, Olympia's Pokemon know the move Calm Mind. It increases the Special Attack and Special Defense of the user. Her Pokemon tend to use Special Attacks, so they will wreck anything in their way after using Calm Mind a few times. A Pokemon with high Special Defense that uses physical moves will do the trick.

Gym Leader Olympia Pokemon XY Sprite
Gym Leader Olympia
Sigilyph Pokemon XY SpriteSigilyphLv. 44psychic
Slowking Pokemon XY SpriteSlowkingLv. 45water
Meowstic Pokemon XY SpriteMeowsticLv. 48psychic

Olympia gives the Psyhic Badge and TM 04 Calm Mind. The badge makes all Pokemon up to level 90 obey you. Have Olympia warp you to the entrance and walk outside.

Your rival shows up just before Lysandre calls on the Holo Caster. It appears he's going to destroy everything that isn't part of Team Flare. Your rival suggests investigating Lumiose City and the two nearby Team Flare members drop the hint about the Lysandre Cafe. Fly to Lumiose City and take a cab to the Lysandre Cafe in Magenta Plaza.

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