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Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough - Ambrette Town
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Your rival approaches as you enter town to suggest you check out the Fossil Lab. First, go to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and stock up on any items you need because you won't be in town for long.

The girl standing outside the Pokemon Center gives away TM 94 Rock Smash. In battle, Rock Smash has a chance of lowering the target's Defense. It can also be used outside of battle to smash certain types of rocks that contain items or wild Pokemon.

The building west of the Pokemon Center is the aquarium. There's a Fisherman inside standing near a Magikarp statue that will give you an Old Rod. This is the first of three fishing rods in the game. To use the Old Rod, simply stand near a body of water and cast it. Some exclamation points will appear above your head once you've hooked a Pokemon, which is when you need to press the A button to start the battle.

The house south of the aquarium has a woman looking for fast Pokemon. If you bring her a Pokemon with a Speed stat higher than a her request, she'll give you a Health Wing. Her request changes every day.

The building in the southwest corner of town is Hotel Ambrette. A girl on the first floor gives TM 96 Nature Power. It's a move that changes depending on the environment it's used in. For example, using Nature Power in a sandy area will turn it into Earthquake. You can find Mr. Bonding again on the second floor, where he'll give the Special Defense O-Power.

The Fossil Lab is located in the southeast corner of town near the gate to Route 9. Two scientists inside say there is an assistant in Glittering Cave that may know more about Mega Evolution. The guy standing outside the Fossil Lab will trade his Dive Ball for a Poke Ball once per day. Dive Balls are more effective against Pokemon you find while fishing and surfing.

Once you're ready, enter the gate to Route 9 on the east side of town. Inside, a woman gives the Rocky Helmet, which deals damage to any Pokemon that directly attacks the holder. Now it's time to track down the Fossil Lab assistant.

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