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Pokemon: The Third Movie
Professor Spencer Haled, a scientist, discovers the Unown while working on research and is sucked into their prison--a disordered state of symbols that alter reality--in a Scrabble case buried in some ruins. He remains there until his assistants take the box to the castle of his distraught daughter Molly and present it to her. When she opens the case, the Unown escape, and in order to relieve her grief for her missing father, grant every one of her wishes. In the process, they turn her hometown into an ice palace and the castle becomes a world of illusionary happiness that lulls people into complacency. This somehow leads to a Pokémon battle. Though the moral of the story seems to be that fighting is bad, the characters fight constantly, directing phlegm balls from their throats at their enemies. The movie is preceded by the 22-minute short "Pikachu and Pichu," in which Pikachu is chased by a Pokémon dog through an urban city.

This movie is rated G, anyone should be able to see it.

Eric Stuart
Megumi Hayashibara
Rika Matsumoto
Ikue Otani - Pikachu
Veronica Taylor
Masayumi Izuka
Philip Bartlett
Rachel Lillis
Addie Blaustein

Michael Haigney
Kunihiko Yuyama

Norman J. Grossfeld
Norman Grossfield
Choji Yoshikawa
Tomoyuki Igarashi

Hideki Sonoda
Norman J. Grossfeld
Takeshi Shudo
Michael Haigney
Norman Grossman
John Touhey