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Pokemon: The Second Movie
A bad man named Lawrence III, who is a Pokémon collector is trying to catch the fabled Lugia Pokemon! It has been toild that if this happening occured, that the end of the world will come. Even Worse, Lawrence doesn't care if this happens! There is also the second part of the story...Someone will come out and stop the person from catching him!

This movie is rated G, and anyone should be able to watch it.

Addie Blaustein
Eric Stuart
Philip Bartlett
Rachel Lillis
Rika Matsumoto
Veronica Taylor
Ikue Otani - Pikachu
Masayumi Izuka

Kunihiko Yuyama
Michael Haigney

Choji Yoshikawa
Norman Grossfield
Tomoyuki Igarashi

Norman J. Grossfeld
Michael Haigney
John Touhey
Takeshi Shudo
Norman Grossman