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Ruby and Sapphire: Team Aqua and Team Magma
Hey, their are finally some new villians in Pokemon! When you directly translate them to English from Japanese, then you get Team Aqua (left) and Team Magma (right
Team Magma has set thier mind on capturing the Legendary Pokemon, Groudon. While Team Aqua's reason is to catch Kaiorga! These two Teams do not help each other in capturing the Legendaries, but they actually hate each other because they both love
different things
(land and water)

There isn't a Team Rocket in existence anymore either! Maybe they just lost all of their money, or they could have been defeated by one of these Teams, or they could be plotting their uprising =P If you purchase the Ruby Pokemon game, then you will encounter Team Magma more then Aqua, and if you get Sapphire, then you will face Team Aqua more then Magma. I think these are very interesting Teams and will add way more fun to the new Pokemon Games!